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Review for 360 R Drama 1:51
by  John Thielking

360 is a psychological thriller that wanders around between various scenes involving girlfriends and boyfriends breaking up and prostitutes getting started in their careers.  It's not clear what the point of the movie really is. A bit of suspense happens here and there.  In one scene we are left on the edges of our seats wondering if a recently released sex offender is going to rape a young woman who invites him to her hotel room. Is this stereotypical "blame the victim" time? There is one big star (Anthony Hopkins) thrown in for good measure as a recovering alcoholic. Three stars.

This movie ranks as little or no violence since there are only 3 violent scenes.  There is a story about a dead daughter, a man gets shot off screen and there is a dead body on the floor.  There is some smoking in this movie.

There were no previews when this movie was shown at the Camera 3 in San Jose, CA, USA.

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