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Review for American Reunion R Comedy 1:53
by  John Thielking

American Reunion is the lame duck sequel to American Pie. In 1999 four high school boys sought to lose their virginity.  Now that times have changed, some of the former group grew together and got married while others grew apart. The movie is a lack luster attempt to recapture the glory days of high school, including pulling pranks such as Stiffler taking a dump in someone's beer cooler as payback for a prank that the other guys pulled. In English with no subtitles and no subtlety.  Two stars.

This movie ranks as nonviolent because there are only six violent scenes in it.  These include: a guy steals some women's tops at the beach, a man destroys some jet skis, three people get into a fight, there is an all out brawl briefly, a man falls out of a window and a man punches another man.

The previews included: a violent preview for the too violent movie Dark Shadows, somewhat violent previews for The Dictator and Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World and a nonviolent preview for Think Like A Man.

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