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Review for A Separation PG-13 Drama 2:03
by  John Thielking

A Separation is a movie in Arabic with English subtitles that chronicles a brief period in the life of an Iranian couple who are caring for the man's father who has Alzheimer's.  The wife leaves Iran for a brief time to go to the USA, and while she is gone all hell breaks loose.  The man tries hiring a caregiver for his father, but she doesn't work out so well and there is hell to pay when she accuses the man of causing her miscarriage. Four stars.

The movie ranks as nonviolent because there are only five violent scenes in it.  Two men get into a brief fight, a woman has a miscarriage, there is a story about a pedestrian being hit by a car, there is a story of a woman claiming her husband will kill her and a man hits himself.

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