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Review for Being Flynn R Comedy/Drama 1:42
by  John Thielking

Being Flynn chronicles the journey of Nick Flynn (Paul Dano), the 20-something son of writer Jonathan Flynn (Robert De Niro) as he tries to stake out his own claim as a writer and work at odd jobs while he is doing his writing. Jonathan has been out of Nick's life for the past 18 years and comes sauntering back in when he has a small crisis (he asks his son for help moving out of his apartment when he is evicted).  In a strange twist of fate, Nick ends up working at a homeless shelter at the same time as his father ends up making use of their services for a string of overnight stays.  Will Jonathan get back on his feet or will he be destitute forever? Tune in and find out.  Three stars.

This movie ranks as iffy because it has a total of 19 violent scenes.  These include: A man smashes a mirror with his head, there is a story about a man who is stabbed to death, a man goes on a rampage with a stick, first beating on a door, then beating on other people's stuff, there is a story about a man wanting to ream his landlord in the ass with a stick, there is a story of a shooting, a man gets punched out, there is a story about threatening people, a man runs over someone, a homeless guy is getting bandaged, there is a story of a fight, a man tries to steal a bag, there is a story of a violent incident, there is a story of an attempted suicide, a homeless man is beaten, there is a story of self immolation, some men threaten to drop another man over a ledge, there is a story of a mugging, there is a story of a suicide and there is a story of a rape.

The previews included: a somewhat violent preview for Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World and nonviolent previews for Moonrise Kingdom, Damsels In Distress, Sound Of My Voice, Bully and Blue Like Jazz.

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