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Review for Bernie PG-13 Drama/Comedy 1:44
by  John Thielking

Bernie stars Jack Black as Funeral Home Assistant Director Bernie.  Bernie always goes the extra mile for his clients, producing great on-air obituaries on the local radio station and making fantastic funeral arrangements.  He also visits his clients after the funeral to make sure that they are getting on OK after their loved one(s) have passed on. At one point Bernie gets drawn into being a chauffeur and companion for one old widow who is often very mean and possessive. Bernie eventually loses it while caring for the old bag. Will he get found out, or will he just go on spending the old hag's money indefinitely?  Tune in and find out. Four stars.

This movie ranks as nonviolent because it has only 4 violent scenes in it. A woman hits a man with a broom, there is a grisly scene of the aftermath of a car crash where two drunk drivers and their two passengers are all killed in a bloody mess, there is some shooting at an Armadillo and a someone is killed with a shotgun.

The previews include: a somewhat violent preview for Hysteria and nonviolent previews for Your Sister's Sister and To Rome With Love.

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