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Review for Blue Like Jazz PG-13 Drama 1:46
by  John Thielking

Blue Like Jazz is an eccentric look at the life of Don Miller (Marshal Allman) after his estranged father signs him up to go to Reed College in Portland Oregon. Don is a Texas Christian and his lesbian girl acquaintance advises him to keep his Christian beliefs in the closet while attending the leftist leaning school where the students are into protesting against imported bottled water and where guys try to sleep with lesbians and where lesbians try to sleep with straight girls and where imitation Popes like to burn books. Three stars.

This movie has little or no violence in it. It has one scene where a man tries to bash a car and succeeds only in detaching it's bumper.

The previews include: a somewhat violent preview for Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World and nonviolent previews for The Intouchables, Tonight You're Mine, Lola Versus and Girl In Progress.

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92% of viewers on Rotten Tomatoes liked it. 41% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes liked it.

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