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Review for Butter R Drama/Comedy 1:31
by  John Thielking

Butter is a comedy about life at the state fair butter carving competition. The man who has won the competition for the last 15 years straight is asked by the judging panel to step aside and let someone else have a shot at winning the competition.  So, in an effort to carry on the family tradition of winning the contest, the man's wife decides to enter the competition.  Soon she is joined by three other competitors including a prostitute who is competing with her for more than the prize in the state fair. Chief among the competition is an 11 year old African American girl who does a really good job of carving butter.  Will the little girl put the family tradition to shame? Tune in and find out.  Four stars.

This movie ranks as Iffy because it has 11 violent scenes.  These include: a story of a cow being struck by lightning, there is a sculpture of a T-Rex eating a little girl, there are 2 dead bodies going to the morgue, a woman smashes things, a woman deliberately crashes a truck into her husband's van, there is a story of 10 different ways to die, there is a butter guillotine, there is a story of a beating, there is some vandalism to a sculpture, there is a story of a father raping his daughter and there are stories of how to die. There was some smoking in this movie.

The previews include: three nonviolent commercials, nonviolent previews for This Is 40, Playing For Keeps and Silver Linings Playbook and a violent preview for the too violent movie Seven Psychopaths.

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