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Chat Room Schedule for June 2006

Monday : Chat about the Death Penalty,  Stan Tookie Williams  and  Clarence  Ray  Allen and Michael Morales.  Clarence Ray Allen was executed in the state of CA at 12:01 AM Tuesday Jan 17, 2006.

Michael Morales was spared at the last minute when the State of CA could not fulfill court ordered requirements to have a qualified medical practitioner administer the lethal dose or doses of drug(s) required to kill him. 

From November 30-Dec 13, 2005 the chat room schedule was revised in light of the extensive broadcasting by right leaning AM and FM radio stations that were broadcasting talk radio "chat" about how the State of CA was justified in executing Stan Tookie Williams.  Listen to the mp3 file from Free Radio Santa Cruz:

Free Radio Santa Cruz Interview with Barbara Becknell, Stan Tookie Williams advocate talks about the case and how he may be innocent.

and review the discussion at  http://santacruz.indymedia.org/newswire/display/19050/index.php .
For the prosecution point of view, check out http://www.knowgangs.com/blog/tookie.htm .
And then join us for a discussion about Stan Tookie Williams.   For more info on Clarence Ray Allen, check out http://www.santacruz.indymedia.org.  To chat, go to the bottom of this page and enter any nickname in the box and click "chat now".

Tuesday: Chat about the Death Penalty and Mumia Abu-Jamal

Wednesday:Chat about the Prison Industrial Complex and Leonard Peltier

Thursday: Bathrobspiere's Broadsides (simulcast with Free Radio Santa Cruz radio program on from 6-8PM Pacific Time at http://www.freakradio.org) Civil Rights for the poor and homeless. 

Friday: Chat about War and Peace, on Peace Friday.

Saturday: Chat about War and Peace on Peace Saturday.

Sunday: Bathrobspiere's Broadsides (simulcast with Free Radio Santa Cruz radio program on from 9:30AM to 1:00 PM Pacific Time at http://www.freakradio.org). Civil Rights for the poor and homeless.  

Also there is now a new live hosted session on Sunday from 5-7PM Pacific Time discussing Fair Trade.  When you buy Fair Trade products, you gaurantee a third world producer a decent living wage.  Find out more about Fair Trade in the chat room on Sundays from 5PM-7PM Pacific Time.

The chat room is monitored by a live person from 6-8PM Thursday as well as Bathrobspiere's Broadsides broadcast times on Sunday( 9:30 AM to 1PM). There will be someone to talk to about whatever is on your mind. Critique the site. Critique George Bush. Talk about homeless civil rights.

To get to the chat room, go to the bottom of this page  where it says "Enter a Nickname to Join the Chat".   Enter your desired nickname in the dialog box and click on "Enter Chat".   Do not enter a password.    The chat is anonymous and no sign ups are required.  There should be no download or plugin required to run the chat room on your computer.

Please note that when you click on "Enter Chat", a pop up window will appear with the chat room in it.  You may need to disable or bypass pop up controls on your computer.  Also note that surfing to a new web page from this page (Chat Room Schedule) will close the chat room window.

Known bugs:  Sometimes the chat room will boot you for no reason.  Sometimes you won't know this until you try to type something. Be patient and log back in with a different nickname (it takes a few minutes for the host to log off your original nickname when this happens).

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