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Review for Chimpanzee G Documentary 1:18
by  John Thielking

Chimpanzee chronicles the early years of a chimpanzee named Oscar.  We see the chimpanzee when he is just a baby, just starting to wander away from his mother for brief periods.  Later on his mother dies, so his care is taken on by the leader of his tribe named Freddie.  This particular tribe of chimpanzees has other challenges to face also from a competing tribe of chimpanzees. 4 stars.

This movie ranks as nonviolent because it has only 5 violent scenes in it. Some chimpanzees get chased, the chimpanzees are hunting monkeys, some chimpanzees attack other chimpanzees, there is an off screen death and some chimpanzees attack.

The previews include: two nonviolent commercials, nonviolent previews for Brave, Finding Nemo, Diary Of  A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days and To The Arctic and a violent preview for Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (too violent).

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