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Section 8 Warning: Please Read If you Have Sec 8 Or Are On The Waiting List!

I have been advised by numerous sources, including one of the companies listed below, that their co-signer programs may not work well with the HUD program called Section 8. For sure it is true that if you receive a Sec 8 voucher that you are not allowed to have a co-signer or a room mate. What is not clear is once you have a co-signer when you are not currently receiving a Sec 8 voucher, if there is a transition period allowed by  HACSA where you may retain your eligibility to recieve a Sec 8 voucher while having some extra time to rewrite the lease with your current landlord to specificaly exclude the participation of any co-signer(s).  Please check with your local  HACSA office to verify how to proceed before acquiring a co-signer if you are in any way involved with either currently recieving or in the future recieving a Sec 8 voucher.  And get their answer in writing, if at all possible.

Co-Signer Opportunities:

Lease Lock

Lease Lock Pic is a site that is available in all 50 states where prospective tenants can have LeaseLock act as an insurer of a lease on selected apartments in place of a co-signer or guarantor.  There is a fee of typically 50% of one month's rent for this service, which can be paid in installments over 5 months. Extra sweet is that they also insure against some damages to the unit, all for the low fee of 1/2 month's rent, so it is possible, bu t not guaranteed, that the landlord may not require as big of a security deposit as they otherwise would when using LeaseLock. Unfortunately, LeaseLock is not functioning as a guarantor, so you will be likley promptly evicted if you don't pay your rent on time.  LeaseLock covers most losses to the landlord only after the fact. If the property that you want to lease is not on their preapproved list, ask the landlord about signing up for LeaseLock when you file your application and also contact LeaseLock to see if they can hurry the process along for approving your prospective landlord. Pic will connect you with investors who act as co-signers, for a fee that ranges from 50%-100% of one month's rent. Available in all 50 states. Note that this one says nothing about screening for a background check.

The Guarantors

Guarantors Pic mainly operates in the NYC area and will act as guarantors on apartment leases.


Insurent Pic operates co-signing programs in the following states: over 400,000 units across NY, NJ, MA, VA, MD, DC and IL.


rbq pic

Apply for a co-signer in all 50 states. Min $700 rent and clean background required. Apply at

Your business advertisement can go here for a flat monthly fee.

Bus ad Pic

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