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Review for Comedy Sportz NR Live Improv Comedy 1:45
by  John Thielking

Comedy Sportz is a live, on stage performance of that is advertised as family oriented comedy that has been performing in San Jose, CA for the past 24 years.  There are affiliated Comedy Sportz performances in a few other cities scattered across the United States. For more information, visit comedysportz.com. I got turned onto Comedy Sportz when I saw their Halloween comedy show in San Jose, CA on October 29, 2011. The show on Halloween had a fair amount of violent themes in it.  That was to be expected, as it was Halloween after all and we expect themes such as "What is your favorite Horror movie" to be featured. The promo for the Halloween program had the subtitle: "The Only Comedy Show Where Death Is A Possibility." I decided to go to the very next non-Halloween show on Friday November 4, 2011.  This show I would still rank as "iffy" because there were several violent themes throughout.  Comedy Sportz relies on suggestions from the audience.  These suggestions are compiled into a short skit that one of two teams (blue or red) performs on stage. On the night of November 4, 2011, the suggestions from the audience were often violent such as "Don't taze me bro!" or favorite movies suggestions were Moby Dick, Star Wars, Twilight and Lord Of The Rings. Even discounting the fact that the audience was driving this theme, there were some violent themes thrown in by the performers such as shooting people with a shotgun or a multi-shot blowgun. The performance's saving grace was that when the audience suggested topic was "money", both teams made a good effort at portraying the Occupy Movement with a skit that pitted the 99% against the 1%. Three stars.

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