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Review for Dark Horse R Drama 1:24
by  John Thielking

Dark Horse characterizes the life of a 30 something man named Abe (Jordan Gelber) who works for his father at his real estate business and still lives at home. Abe often arrives home and sulks off to his room rather than engaging his mother and father in conversation.  Abe manages to hook up with a similarly lost soul named Miranda (Selma Blair) at a wedding reception and they form one of the love interests of the movie, with Abe proposing marriage to Miranda before they even have a real first date. Three stars.

This movie ranks as nonviolent because it has only 6 violent scenes. These include a man has thoughts of suicide, a man punches another man, there is a story of a double suicide, there is a story of wanting to commit suicide, a man gets into a car accident and a man dies at the hospital. There is some smoking in this movie.

The previews include two nonviolent commercials, violent previews for the too violent movies Copper and Killer Joe and nonviolent previews for Celeste And Jessie Forever, 2 Days In New York and 360.

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