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Review for First Position NR Documentary 1:35
by  John Thielking

First Position chronicles the lives of six young ballet students who are all competing in the Youth America Grand Prix ballet competition in New York City.  The kids are as young as 9 years old and as old as 19. Some of the competitors are boys, who it is revealed often suffer teasing from their classmates at school if they reveal that they are into ballet. Even at this young age, injuries are common.  One girl competes even though she is in severe pain. Three stars.

This movie ranks as having little or no violence because there are only three violent stories including only one reference to "on screen violence". There is a story of a civil war where one girl's parents are killed, there is a story of a teacher being mutilated and there are on screen shots of one of the girls performing even though it is revealed that she is in severe pain from injuries.

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