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Review for The Five Year Engagement R Romantic Comedy 2:04
by  John Thielking

The Five Year Engagement is a romantic comedy about a couple living in San Francisco who decide to get married just before the woman who is engaged gets a post-doc position in Michigan.   Because of this event, the couple decide to put their wedding plans on hold until after the woman completes her post-doc assignment. The woman and her co-workers have some odd ideas about what makes for a good psychology experiment.  The woman thinks that they should sit a group of people in a room together with a box of stale donuts.  The group is told that the donuts will be replaced with fresh ones in 20 minutes.  The goal of the experiment is to verify that dysfunctional people (as indicated on a psych test that they take while waiting for fresh donuts) will be the first to eat the stale donuts.  Three stars.

This movie ranks as nonviolent because it has only 11 violent scenes in a little over 2 hours.  These include: a chef cuts her finger, a man slips and falls while cleaning an iced over windshield, a man jumps and lands his thigh on a fire hydrant, a deer gets shot by hunters with a gun, another deer gets shot at with a crossbow, a woman gets shot in the leg with a crossbow, a woman runs into a car door, a man falls from the roof of a car while chasing another man, a man punches another man, a man's toe gets frostbitten and amputated and there is a violent video of a psych experiment where a gun goes off.

The previews include: a violent preview for Prometheus (too violent), somewhat violent previews for Ted Is Real, That's My Boy and The Dictator and nonviolent previews for This Is 40 and Magic Mike.

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