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Review for Footnote PG Drama 1:46
by  John Thielking

Footnote focuses on the life of a father and son duo who are both scholars of ancient history in Israel. The father, Eliezer Shkolnik (Shlomo Bar Aba), receives word from the Israeli govt that he has won the Israeli Prize, something that he has desired to win for many years.  We soon find out that notifying the father that he had won was a mistake and that in fact the son, Uriel (Lior Ashkenazi), was officially awarded the Israeli Prize.  Will the father suffer a disgrace when he finds out that he did not really win, or will the son succeed in making the judges transfer the prize to the person he thinks rightfully deserves to receive it, ie his father? Tune in and find out. Produced in Israel in Hebrew with English subtitles.  Four stars.

This movie ranks as nonviolent because it has only four violent scenes in it. These scenes include: a story of a murder, a story of a robbery, a man gets pushed and a man throws something at his son.

The previews included: three nonviolent commercials, a somewhat violent preview for The Lady and nonviolent previews for The Salt Of Life and Mansieur Lazhar.

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