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Happy Thanksgiving or No Thanks For Colonizing Our Homeland Day:
Note that Friday November 25, 2011 is Buy Nothing Day, for those of you who want to help save the planet and also work against our rabid consumer culture. In honor of Buy Nothing Day, the preliminary list of movies (the ones that come out Wednesday, November 23, 2011) will not be published until Saturday, November 26, 2011. My recommendation is to spend Thursday and Friday with family and friends and any spare time can be spent reading a book, such as Greg Palast's "Vultures' Picnic: In Pursuit Of Petroleum PIGS, Power Pirates and High Finance Carnivores".  The book is a documentary look at how the 1% are despoiling the planet and our economy to make themselves richer. The first chapter can be viewed for free by going to http://www.vulturespicnic.org. Note that Small Business Saturday is November 26, 2011. This year, small businesses are also promoting "Plaid Friday". So when you do resume buying, try to patronize local, small businesses. If you can't wait until Saturday to resume watching movies, check out this site that has 10 different free movies all about avoiding shopping:  Oops, sorry about that folks. I deleted that link because the web site claims that "fair use" covers streaming of entire movies for "educational purposes". I don't agree with that interpretation of copyright law.  A different site that is much more entertaining anyway and that has content entirely created by the web site owner is Misadventures Of An Awkward Black Girl, located here: http://www.awkwardblackgirl.com/episodes.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Labor Update:
Martha and Lorena Reyes are two long term Hyatt Hotel workers who were fired recently during a labor dispute.  Their firing appears to be because they protested being portrayed in racy photographs that they didn't like. According to Hyatt and ABC 7 News and KPFA.org evening news, the two women were fired because they took too long on their lunch breaks.  Their lawyer went on camera to say that the women often took longer lunch breaks because they missed taking their 15 minute breaks during the rest of their shift.  See the womens' story presented in their own words and sign their petition here:

What Is Happening To Internet Freedom In Congress:
Also, please take a moment to register your opposition to the latest version of the PROTECT IP Act, called the Stop Online Piracy Act, currently before the House of Representatives.  This act would give the govt and big business the power to delete web sites from the Internet on the mere suspicion that they are violating copyright. There would be no trials for violators and no due process. It would also result in the imprisonment of website operators who stream certain content.  This act could shut down web sites such as http://www.freakradio.org (Free Radio Santa Cruz) as well as Peacemovies.com.  Please sign the petition at http://act.demandprogress.org/letter/finish_strong/
You can also sign a second petition asking that the hearing on this bill scheduled for this Wednesday be open to equal amounts of testimony from both sides. Proponents of the bill are attempting to limit debate from those people testifying against it.  Sign the petition here:
http://act.demandprogress.org/sign/sopa_testimony/?akid=1018.606560.JTkqV4&rd=1&t=2  Thank You.

Plan B if Peacemovies.com is shut down by PROTECT IP or other actions:  If you notice that Peacemovies.com is no longer available (even if this seems to be unique to just your country) use plan B: Send an email to pagesincolor@yahoo.com or pagesincolor@aol.com requesting a free subscription and I will see if I can get an e-mail to you with each week's reviews of nonviolent movies. 

Peacemovies.com is Copy-Left, no rights reserved (except the right to publish; you can't trademark or copyright Peacemovies or Peacemovies.com content for just yourself for instance.)
Copy-Left Notice:  All content presented on Peacemovies.com (with the exception of content on third party sites linked to from Peacemovies.com) or presented in printed out form is free to use or reuse in any form that you like. Print it all out and sell it as part of your local newspaper or record transcripts on a pay per call telephone line. I really don't care. You don't even have to keep the web site name and author's name intact. Exception: If you do use the web site name or author's name, please be sure to keep the content intact and unmodified for each section used in this way.  Telephone recordings used this way must include the entire movie review. If you violate these terms I will do absolutely nothing (except for cases of defamation and cases of attempted trademarking or copyrighting). If you are a minor under the age of 18 in the United States, no web site terms of service more restrictive than common law copyright (ie rules not contained in laws that are written down elsewhere) is binding on you anyway since it is illegal for you to enter into a binding contract.  This fact makes a mockery of enforcement of TOU of any web site that is more restrictive than copyright for books in a brick and mortar library for people of any age, since equal protection under the law guaranteed by the US constitution is violated both when considering the privileges of underage youth in contrast to those of adults and the default privileges of big corporations such as Google in contrast to those of small businesses. Thank you for your support.

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What Is Peacemovies.com?
by John Thielking

To see the original intro, click here.

Peacemovies.com seeks to be one piece of the puzzle for how to solve the problem of violence in the world. There are many root causes of violence, as can be seen by reading Christian Parenti's “Tropic Of Chaos”, including global warming that is making ordinary resource shortages much worse.

Peacemovies.com attempts to use the free market to attack the problem of promotion of violence by US culture and the military-industrial-complex controlled mass media by supplying people with accurate information about how much violence is in each movie. Each movie reviewed on Peacemovies.com is put into one of four categories: little or no violence, non-violent, iffy and too violent. [Note that movies that are rated Too Violent are listed but not reviewed.] A mini survey done a couple of years ago reveals that about ˝ of the people want to watch non-violent movies. The other ˝ don't care one way or the other. Only about 10% of the people seek out violent movies as their favorite. 40%-50% of the movies on the market are already non-violent. Since non-violent movies may appeal to 90% of the population, this means that in the ideal free market the market share of non-violent movies could be as high as 90% of ticket sales. If we can get to a place where the only movies that make it to blockbuster status are movies like Eat Pray Love, Tin Cup, Mrs. Doubtfire and ET, we may start turning out generations of leaders who think of non-violent solutions to international conflicts and make those solutions stick.

My goal at Peacemovies.com is to have the site be viewable from whatever type of device it is that you are using to browse the web. Anything from a MetroWeb dumb phone to the latest desktop or tablet should load the pages on Peacemovies.com and render them legibly.  If for some reason this is not the case for you and your device, drop me an e-mail and I will see if I can fix that.  Note that if you are attempting to access Rotten Tomatoes Reviews or Fandango from Peacemovies.com using a mobile device, you may need to download the free apps that are available from those sites before you can browse to your final destination. On the other hand, commonsensemedia.org is viewable and searchable from a dumb phone with no appp required. Also, the google search boxes on Peacemovies.com may not work if you have a dumb phone, like my MetroWeb phone.  Google wouldn't let me make a search results page narrower than 800 pixels. Sorry.  I may be able to pay a third party company to make a search feature for the site that works with dumb phones in the near future.  Stay tuned.  Thank you.

Peacemovies.com also offers reviews of nonviolent movies on dvd.  To see those reviews, click here, or visit the page below to check out non-violent movies and family movies in theaters. The complete reviews of everything in theaters up to Iffy are available by clicking the links in the table below.  Concerned about your privacy while surfing Peacemovies.com?  Not to worry, your information is safe with Peacemovies.com.  Check out the privacy policy here.

Also. please note that the Peacemovies.com user interface is not sleek and sexy with all those pictures and buttons that you see on other web sites, and it will remain like that for the foreseeable future.  That is because it is just too much work for one person to construct CSS pages for all of the mobile devices out there and still have time to watch the movies and post the results in a timely manner. Thank you for your understanding.

Unlike competing movie review sites, Peacemovies.com never makes you sign up for a membership and doesn't take forever to load the pages and/or misdirect you to a page that doesn't actually have the movie reviews you were looking for.  No Jedi Mind Tricks here.  These are the movie reviews you were looking for...

To see the Occupy Oakland General Strike solidarity page click here

To see the Occupy Cal General Strike solidarity page click here.

To see the Occupy UC Davis and UC General Strike solidarity page click here.

Note that Peacemovies.com is also on Twitter and Facebook.  To find the Facebook page, search for peacemovies on Facebook.com. To find Peacemovies on Twitter, go to http://www.twitter.com/peacemovies.  The twitter feed is updated every Friday with the preliminary list of new movies in theaters that are too violent and by Saturday or Sunday with the complete list of new movies that include the nonviolent movies currently in theaters.

John Thielking is a peace and environmental activist who lived in Santa Cruz from 1984-2005 and who currently lives in San Jose, CA. You can e-mail John at pagesincolor@yahoo.com.

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Violence Ratings And Reviews of Movies Currently In Theaters as of 12/4/2011: (Click on links to see reviews.)
Little or no Violence  (2 or less violent scenes, or just a few off screen violent stories and few deaths if any.)
Seducing Charlie Barker R Comedy

Like Crazy PG-13  Romance

Revenge Of The Electric Car  NR Documentary

Margin Call  R  Drama

The Women On The 6th Floor  NR  Comedy/Drama

The Ides Of March  R  Drama

Dolphin Tale 3D PG  Drama

Midnight In Paris PG-13  Romantic Comedy
Non-Violent (10 or less violent scenes, with few if any dead bodies.)
The Descendants R Drama

My Week With Marilyn  R Drama

Rockstar  NR  Romance

Melancholia  R Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Oranges and Sunshine NR Drama

Paranormal Activity 3   R  Horror

Take Shelter R  Drama

The Way PG-13 Comedy/Drama

50/50 R Comedy/Drama

Moneyball PG-13  Drama

Iffy (11-20 scenes of mild violence)
Hugo PG Family/Suspense/Thriller

My Afternoons With Margueritte (La Tete en friche) NR Drama

Jack and Jill PG Comedy/Romance

Comedy Sportz  NR  Live Improv Comedy

Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life  NR  Drama/Musical

The Help  PG-13  Drama

Too Violent (way more than 10 violent scenes and/or many dead bodies and/or an orgy of violence at any point)
Answers To Nothing R Comedy

Into The Abyss  PG-13 Documentary  (A good look at the death penalty, but it has too many stories about violence.)

Pastorela  R  Comedy

The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch NR Drama

Punch (Wan-deuk-i) NR Drama

Bejawada NR Action/Adventure/Drama

The Muppets PG Comedy

Arthur Christmas PG Animation

Young Goethe In Love NR Romance

Happy Feet Two with I Tawt I Taw A Putty Cat PG Animation

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 PG-13 Drama  (CBS 5 News of 11-25-11 reports that the flashing lights during the birthing scene may cause some people to have seizures or become nauseous. This may be prevented by wearing blue blocking sunglasses.)

Cowboys & Aliens PG-13 Sci-Fi

J. Edgar R Drama

Immortals 3D  R  Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi

Silenced NR Drama

The Skin I Live In R Horror

Martha Marcy May Marlene R Drama

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas R Comedy

Tower Heist PG-13  Action/Adventure

In Time PG-13  Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Puss In Boots  PG  Animated

Anonymous PG-13 Drama

IP Man Zero  NR Action/Adventure

The Rum Diary R Drama

The Seventh Sense NR  Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Ra One NR Action/Adventure

Johnny English Reborn PG Action/Adventure

Sarah's Key  PG-13  Drama

The Three Musketeers  PG-13 Action/Adventure

Footloose  PG-13  Musical

The Thing   R  Horror

Courageous  PG-13  Drama

Real Steel PG-13 Action/Adventure/Drama

Drive  R  Action/Adventure/Drama

Contagion PG-13  Drama

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2  PG-13  Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Adventure

The Smurfs PG  Animated Comedy

Cars 2 G  Animated Thriller
Not yet reviewed
A Mother's Story NR Drama  (no English subtitles)

Note that Peacemovies.com reviews movies only for their violence content.  For a more detailed analysis of other issues in movies (especially for gauging age-appropriateness for kids) please visit http://www.commonsensemedia.org .

Archives of past non-violent movie and family movie reviews:   7-4-10    8-4-10
    9-4-10   10-4-10   9-4-11   10-4-11    11-4-11 

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