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What Is Peacemovies.com?

by John Thielking

1-14-13 Update:  Upon hearing the news that Aaron Swartz, one of the founders of Reddit and Demand Progress --- organizations that were key to defeating SOPA and PIPA last year at this time --- has committed suicide, I have decided to up the ante. Last year at this time, the homepage of Peacemovies.com was replaced by this page (http://www.peacemovies.com/sopastrike1-16-12.html) for 5 days, from Monday Jan 16, 2012 to Friday Jan 21, 2012
This time, I am replacing the homepage with that page for a whole week --- 7 days --- from Friday January 18, 2013 to Thursday January 24, 2013 to mourn for (and organize because of)  the death of Aaron Swartz.  Solidarity forever and long live Aaron Swartz!  Aaron Swartz was under indictment (13 felony counts with a possible sentence of 35 years) since January 2011 for simply downloading a bunch of academic articles in a pay per article database called
JSTOR that he accessed for free using a network loophole. Some people are saying that the articles in question were available for free to the general public. The owners of the database have since ceased enforcement action against Swartz, and are now making 4.5 million articles available for free, but the federal prosecutor U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz continued to pursue Swartz up until his death, motivated apparently by a desire to make a name for herself and to send a message to other activists. After his death, some of the authors who had their work "stolen" by Swartz did a solidarity action by posting links to their work on twitter.  For more information on this case go here. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Swartz Of significance is the fact that, according to one of his defense attorneys, Swartz was offered a plea deal where if he plead guilty to all 13 felony counts he would only have to spend 6 months in prison. Only if he went to trial was he facing 35 years in the clink.  This makes it more suspicious that the conspiracy theories claiming that Swartz was murdered have some merit. On the other side of the argument is the fact that it has been reported that Swartz was claiming to be essentially clinically depressed over a bad business deal as early as 2007.

To see a brand new page, detailing how you can legally watch and hear streaming content over the web (for free) that is often of much better quality and originality than the typical Hollywood production, and is most often completely nonviolent, click here to see the Off-Hollywood Page.

To see the original intro, click here.   To see last month's intro, click here.

Please support the Santa Cruz 11.  These are 11 activists and journalists who were innocent bystanders at a bank building takeover in November 2011 in Santa Cruz, CA, but who are now being charged with felony vandalism, felony conspiracy to commit vandalism and misdemeanor trespass.  See the suggested actions to take to support the Santa Cruz 11 by clicking here.

Pop Quiz Question:  When you watch a movie, what kind of movie do you prefer to watch?  violent  nonviolent  don't care

From the January 2013 Newsletter:


by John Thielking
January 2013
Vol 2 No 1

What Does Gun Violence Have To Do With Movies?
by John Thielking

The massacre in Connecticut this week has left people devastated and some are looking for answers. Does boycotting violent movies (or realizing that there are nonviolent alternatives available) offer any hope of creating a mandate for change/gun control/ poverty elimination? This author says an emphatic Yes!

A recent debate with Steven Argue brought up the fact that there are two sides in the debate over weather violence in movies and video games significantly increases violence in the real world. Jonathan L. Freedman wrote a report published by The Media Institute (a movie producer funded outfit) located here:
http://www.mediainstitute.org/PDFs/policyviews/Freedman-TelevisionViolence.pdf that tries it's best to debunk the notion that violence in movies is significantly associated with violence in the real world. He claims that as little as 28% of the published studies on the issue show a positive correlation.  However, while he is good at criticizing the other side for doing sloppy science (such as not being able to eliminate experimenter demand effects and achieve a perfectly double blind experiment that uses violent and nonviolent movies), he himself neglects to do a formal meta-analysis of the entire set of studies that he is reviewing. If there are 28 studies with 100 subjects that show a positive correlation while there are 72 studies with 10 subjects that do not, then it is quite obvious that the balance of the evidence shows a positive correlation.

On the other side is Craig A. Anderson PhD of Center For Study Of Violence of Iowa State University, who has his own vested interest in that his career depends upon him continuing to find problems with violence in movies re: violence in society.  In his latest work (written by a panel of experts from the organization that he heads), available here:
it is claimed that no less than 3 formal meta-analyses of the possible correlation between violence in media and violence in the real world show a positive correlation.  In that same paper the panel writes that while there is a positive correlation between media violence and increased indicators of violence in experimental trials, this does not translate into as strong a correlation between media violence and criminal activity. That is a different level of violence not addressed by most of the studies.

The bottom line is this: A 2009 on the street survey of what kind of movies people want to watch showed that 1/2 of the people want to watch a nonviolent movie, 1/2 the people don't care one way or the other, and only 2 or 3 people out of 35 want to watch a violent movie or seek out violent themes such as horror movies as their favorite. In light of the latest school shooting in Connecticut, it seems that one route to diminishing gun violence is to make sure that the box office receipts match the survey results.  If that ever happened, all the politicians would start running scared every time someone wanted to start a war or if there was any kind of gun violence anywhere in the USA.  Every trick in the book would be thrown at the problem until it was solved. Not all of the problem has to do with gun control. Some of it has to do with income inequality and general economic insecurity.  We should be solving those problems too. But we need something to signal that we have a mandate. If 75% of box office receipts went to movies such as Eat Pray Love and Dolphin Tale, we would have just such a mandate. 

Let's get cracking!

(Edited 12-17-12)

From the December 2012 Newsletter:


by John Thielking
December 2012
Vol 1 No 12

Prop 37, the CA ballot measure that would have required labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods, has now all but officially lost, by a narrow margin of less than 1.5% with less than 500,000 votes left to count. Oh well, better luck next time. There is a similar initiative attempting to qualify for the ballot in the state of Washington.

Another news item on the anti-GMO front is that there is now a direct link available to the French study showing dramatic increases in cancer rates and liver disease in rats exposed to GMOs and low levels of Roundup in their drinking water. Particularly alarming is that this study shows an increase in cancer rates in the test groups exposed to as little as 0.1 PPB Roundup in the drinking water. If Roundup is present at 0.1PPM in your tap water, it would be really hard to be able to cook vegetables in water that has less than 0.1 PPB Roundup in it. You could use bottled water for cooking, but it is fairly certain that at least a 1/1000tht residue would be present on dry pots and pans after washing them in contaminated tap water. The French study can be read by going here:

Also, the famous Dr Oz has recently sold out to Monsanto et al, proclaiming that pesticide laden GMOs are no different than organic foods. (We know better, don't we!)

What is Peacemovies.com? Peacemovies.com is a free web site that provides its users with access to reviews of nonviolent mainstream movies newly released to DVD and currently in the theaters. A survey reveals that about ˝ of the people want to watch a nonviolent movie, ˝ of the people don't care one way or the other and only a very few people specifically want to watch a violent movie or rate a violent theme such as horror movies as their favorite. Since about ˝ of the people still don't have web access at home, Peacemovies.com publishes a paper and ink newsletter, available for $1 per copy at news stands or on a limited basis for free at the San Jose Peace Center, 48 S. 7th St., San Jose, CA.

From the November 2012 Newsletter:

by John Thielking
November 2012
Vol 1 No 11

Humanitarian Catastrophe in Libya Is Being Ignored By Western Media
There are 10-20 times as many people dieing in the present conflict than died under Gaddafi.  Lesson learned: Don't intervene with military force in the affairs of another country no matter how much media hype there is about an impending humanitarian crisis.
For more information visit http://rt.com/news/bani-walid-libya-violence-251/

Why You Should Vote Yes On Prop 37 --- Label Genetically Modified Foods

Watch the video “Genetic Roulette ----- The Gamble Of Our Lives”

This video says it all. Take 1.5 hours out of your day to watch it. It was well worth my time. Industry funded studies show no problems with GMOs but independent studies and anecdotes from farmers often do show problems. My pet peeve is that the standard diet for lab rats (and many farm animals) contains about 1% calcium. This is much more calcium than a human would ever ingest (5000-10000 mg per day equivalent which would poison a human). My theory is that the organophosphates and other bad stuff in GMO feed is detoxified by the excess calcium so of course the industry studies won't show the animals getting sick. It is those little noticed oddball studies that don't use the standard industry procedures and the individual farmers who are unknowingly giving their animals mineral deficiencies (among other things) when feeding their animals GMO feed that result in animals getting sick from GMOs. Watch the video “Genetic Roulette” at:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnlTYFKBg18&feature=youtu.be or http://geneticroulettemovie.com/

To order a DVD copy of the video go to www.responsibletechnology.org .

To find local grocers in your area that sell products with the GMO free label called “Non GMO Project Verified”, go to www.nongmoproject.org. Whole Foods is one of these stores. They have more products with this label on their shelves than are listed on the web site. Also check out www.nogmoshoppingguide.com.

There will be a public showing of the movie “Genetic Roulette” followed by a discussion, and possibly a presentation from the Yes on 37 campaign. The web site for the Yes on 37 campaign is: http://www.carighttoknow.org/.

Genetic Roulette --- The Gamble Of Our Lives
Friday, November 2, 2012, 6:30PM to 9:30PM

San Jose Peace Center, 48 South 7
th Street, San Jose, CA
This event is co-sponsored by the Santa Clara County Green Party.

Flier by John Thielking, www.peacemovies.com. Labor and printing donated.


We live in tumultuous times. First Obama signed ACTA back in October 2011 that would usher in a new era of repression for the Internet. Then Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on December 31, 2011, authorizing the indefinite detention of US citizens without charge or trial if they are deemed to be terrorism suspects. Next up is a bill that would strip US citizenship from people who are detained as terrorism suspects and a bill that will outlaw protesting of any kind inside the security perimeter of a venue that is secured by the Secret Service. Plus Attorney General Eric Holder said regarding indefinite detention and extrajudicial executions, “Due process does not include judicial process.” and “The term 'assassination' only includes unlawful killings.” Where will all it end? All we can do is protest at every opportunity and work to raise a generation of folks who will consider freedom of expression and freedom from militarism as core principles to carry forward. To that end, Peacemovies.com seeks to use what is left of the free market to persuade the people who make movies to make more movies that are relatively nonviolent. On Peacemovies.com, movies are categorized into 4 classes: little to no violence, nonviolent, iffy and too violent. About 35%-50% of the movies currently in the theaters are relatively nonviolent. In the tables below, DVDs are rated and reviewed and then the movies currently in theaters are rated and reviewed. Thank you for your support.

Peacemovies.com also offers reviews of older nonviolent movies on DVD.  To see reviews of the top 50 older movies on DVD, click here, or visit the page below to check out the latest non-violent movies and family movies on DVD and in theaters. The complete reviews of everything on newly released DVDs and in theaters from Little Or No Violence up to Iffy are available by clicking the links in the tables below.  Concerned about your privacy while surfing Peacemovies.com?  Not to worry, your information is safe with Peacemovies.com.  Check out the privacy policy here.

New!  The Peacemovies.com homepage has been reorganized to reflect the priorities of the majority of viewers.  Since a survey shows that 80% of you watch DVDs (and 90% of DVD viewers watch new releases), but only 45% of you watch movies in theaters, a brand new list has been created showing new releases to DVD in the past 60-90 days towards the top of the homepage, followed by the regular list of movies currently in theaters. At the very bottom of the homepage are links to archived versions of the homepage, showing past lists of movies in theaters and past lists of movies on DVD.  The entire site is also searchable using the Google search box in the upper left hand corner of the homepage.  Thank you.

New! Instances where movies feature people smoking are now included in the reviews of some of the nonviolent movies that are reviewed. (Movie reviews after 5-14-12 include this information.)  It has been documented that kids smoke more often if they first watch movies that feature smoking.

John Thielking is a peace and environmental activist who lived in Santa Cruz, CA from 1984-2005 and who currently lives in San Jose, CA. You can e-mail John at pagesincolor@yahoo.com.

Pop quiz:  Click on "yes" or "no" to answer the question.  In January 2013, would you buy a 100 page 5.5" x 8.5" booklet titled "Peacemovies.com 2012" that was printed in 9pt font so that it has the same text as a 170 page book printed in the more common 11 pt font, if the price were $5 per copy?  The book would contain reviews of all of the nonviolent movies that were in theaters during 2012, plus the commentaries from all 12 Peacemovies.com monthly newsletters from 2012.
 Yes  No

Violence Ratings And Reviews Of New Release DVDs (released from July 3, 2012 to January 22, 2013)  General release dates are in (parentheses). Release dates for Netflix DVDs by mail are in [brackets].
Little or no Violence  (2 or less violent scenes, or just a few off screen violent stories and few deaths if any.)

Pina PG Musical/Documentary (1-22-13) [1-22-13]

For A Good Time, Call R Comedy (1-22-13)

Nobody Walks R Drama (1-22-13) [1-22-13]

Sleepwalk With Me NR Comedy/Drama (12-18-12) [12-18-12]

Liberal Arts NR Comedy (12-18-12) [12-18-12]

Hope Springs PG-13 Drama/Romance/Comedy # (12-4-12)  [12-4-12]

The Queen Of Versailles PG Documentary # (11-13-12) [11-13-12]

2 Days In New York R Romance* (11-13-12) [11-13-12]

Your Sister's Sister R Romantic Comedy # (11-6-12) [11-6-12]

360 R Drama* (11-6-12) [11-6-12]

Ruby Sparks R Fantasy/Romance (10-30-12) [11-27-12]

First Position NR Documentary (10-30-12) [10-30-12]

Sound Of My Voice R Drama/Sci-Fi  (10-2-12)  [10-2-12]

The Salt Of Life NR Romantic Comedy (9-18-12) [9-18-12]

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel PG-13 Romantic Comedy (9-18-12)

Katy Perry: Part Of Me
PG Documentary (9-18-12) [9-18-12]

Girl In Progress PG-13 Comedy/Drama (9-11-12) [9-11-12]

Think Like A Man PG-13 Romantic Comedy (8-28-12) [8-28-12]

Life Happens
R Comedy (8-28-12)

Blue Like Jazz PG-13 Drama (8-7-12) [8-7-12]

Non-Violent (10 or less violent scenes per 90 minutes, with few if any dead bodies.)

Searching For Sugar Man PG-13 Musical/Documentary (1-22-13) [1-22-13]

Keep The Lights On NR Gay Romance (1-22-13) [1-22-13]

To Rome With Love R Romantic Comedy (1-15-13) [1-15-13]

Won't Back Down PG Drama (1-15-13)

The Intouchables R Comedy/Drama (1-15-13)

The Words PG-13 Drama/Thriller (12-24-12) [12-24-12]

Trouble With The Curve PG-13 Drama (12-18-12) [12-24-12]

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green PG Family/Fantasy/Comedy # (12-4-12) [12-4-12]

Step Up Revolution PG-13 Drama/Romance/Musical # (11-27-12) [11-27-12]

Dark Horse R Drama* (11-13-12) [11-13-12]

Safety Not Guaranteed R Comedy (10-30-12) [10-30-12]

Take This Waltz R Drama/Romance (10-23-12) [10-23-12]

2016: Obama's America PG Documentary/Comedy/Fantasy (10-16-12)

Rock Of Ages PG-13 Musical (10-9-12)

Peace, Love and Misunderstanding R Romantic Comedy (10-2-12) [10-2-12]

Damsels In Distress PG-13 Comedy (9-25-12) [9-25-12]

Hysteria R Comedy (9-18-12) [9-18-12]

What To Expect When You're Expecting PG-13 Romantic Comedy (9-11-12) [9-11-12]

The Five Year Engagement R Romantic Comedy (9-4-12) [10-2-12]

Monsieur Lazhar PG-13 Drama (8-28-12) [8-28-12]

Darling Companion PG-13 Drama (8-28-12) [8-28-12]

Chimpanzee G Documentary (8-21-12) [8-21-12]

A Separation PG-13 Drama (8-21-12) [8-21-12]

Bernie PG-13 Drama/Comedy (8-21-12) [8-21-12]

Bel Ami R Romantic Comedy (8-7-12) [8-7-12]

Marley NR Documentary (8-7-12) [8-7-12]

The Deep Blue Sea R Romance/Drama (7-24-12) [7-24-12]

PG Drama/Comedy (7-24-12) [7-24-12]

American Reunion R Comedy (7-10-12)

Iffy (11-20 scenes of mild violence)

Samsara PG-13 Documentary (1-8-13)

Butter R Drama/Comedy* (12-4-12) [12-4-12]

The Campaign R Comedy (10-30-12)

Moonrise Kingdom PG-13 Drama/Romance (10-16-12)

The Invisible War NR Documentary (10-23-12) [10-23-12]

The Magic Of Belle Isle PG Drama (9-18-12) [9-18-12]

Where Do We Go Now? PG-13 Drama  (9-11-12)  [9-11-12]

Being Flynn R Comedy/Drama (7-10-12)
Too Violent (way more than 10 violent scenes and/or many dead bodies and/or an orgy of violence at any point)

Hotel Transylvania PG Animation (1-29-13) [1-29-13]

Paranormal Activity 4 R Horror (1-29-13) [1-29-13]

Seven Psychopaths R Comedy (1-29-13) [1-29-13]

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 PG-13 Action/Adventure (1-29-13)

End Of Watch R Drama (1-22-13)

The Paperboy R Drama (1-22-13) [1-22-13]

Tai Chi Zero R Action (1-22-13) [1-22-13]

Nature Calls R Comedy (1-22-13) [1-22-13]

Death Race 3: Inferno Drama (1-22-13)

Fat Kid Rules The World R Drama (1-22-13) [1-22-13]

Hansel & Gretel: Warriors Of Witchcraft NR Drama (1-22-13)

Officer Down R Crime Thriller (1-22-13) [1-22-13]

Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning R Drama (1-22-13) [1-22-13]

Taken 2 PG-13 Thriller (1-15-13)

The Possession PG-13 Horror (1-15-13) [1-15-13]

Branded R Sci Fi/Thriller (1-15-13) [1-15-13]

China Heavyweight NR Drama (1-15-13) [streaming only]

House At The End Of The Street PG-13 Horror/Suspense (1-8-13)

Frankenweenie PG Animation (1-8-13) [1-8-13]

Hit And Run R Comedy/Action (1-8-13) [1-1-13]

Dredd R Sci Fi (1-8-13) [1-8-13]

Compliance R Drama (1-8-13) [1-8-13]

Stolen R Drama (1-8-13) [1-1-13]

Jack And Diane R Drama (1-8-13) [1-8-13]

Collaborator NR Drama/Comedy (1-8-13)

Guns, Girls And Gambling NR Action/Adventure (1-8-13)

Seal Team Six: The Raid On Osama Bin Laden NR Drama (1-8-13)  [1-8-13]

Stella Days NR Drama (1-8-13)

Cosmopolis R Drama (1-1-13) [1-1-13]

Little Birds R Drama (1-1-13) [1-1-13]

Looper R Sci-Fi/Thriller (12-31-12) [12-31-12]

Resident Evil: Retribution R Sci-Fi/Horror (12-21-12) [12-21-12]

Premium Rush PG-13 Action/Thriller (12-21-12) [12-21-12]

Arbitrage R Drama (12-21-12) [12-21-12]

Red Hook Summer R Drama (12-21-12) [12-21-12]

Killer Joe NC-17 Drama (12-21-12) [12-21-12]

Pitch Perfect PG-13 Comedy/Musical (12-18-12)

Total Recall PG-13 Drama (12-18-12) [12-18-12]

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days PG Comedy (12-18-12)

Ted R Comedy (12-11-12)

Ice Age: Continental Drift PG Animation (12-11-12)

The Bourne Legacy PG-13 Drama (12-11-12)

The Dark Knight Rises PG-13 Drama/Action/Adventure (12-4-12) [12-24-12]

Beasts Of The Southern Wild PG-13 Drama (12-4-12) [1-1-13]

V/H/S R Horror/Thriller (12-4-12) [12-4-12]

Halo 4: Unto Dawn PG-13 Action/Sci-Fi (12-4-12)

Silent Night R Drama (12-4-12) [12-4-12]

Men In Black III PG-13 Sci-Fi (11-30-12)

Sparkle PG-13 Drama/Musical (11-30-12)

ParaNorman PG Horror/Animation/Comedy (11-27-12)

Lawless R Drama (11-27-12) [11-27-12]

The Apparition PG-13 Horror (11-27-12)

The Day R Drama (11-27-12) [11-27-12]

The Expendables 2 R Action/Adventure (11-20-12) [11-20-12]

Brave PG Animation (11-13-12) [11-13-12]

Savages R Crime Drama (11-13-12)

The Watch R Sci-Fi/Comedy (11-13-12)

Nitro Circus PG-13 Action/Comedy (11-13-12) [11-13-12]

The Amazing Spiderman PG-13 Action/Adventure (11-9-12) [11-9-12]

Arthur Christmas PG Animation (11-6-12) [11-6-12]

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 PG-13 Action/Adventure  (11-6-12) [11-20-12]

Fire With Fire R Drama/Romance (11-6-12) [11-6-12]

The Pact NR Horror (11-6-12) [11-6-12]

[Rec]3 Genesis R Horror (11-6-12) [11-6-12]

Elena NR Drama (10-30-12) [10-30-12]

Coma PG Drama/Thriller (10-30-12) [10-30-12]

The Penguins Of Madagascar: Operation Antarctica G Animation (10-30-12)

Magic Mike R Drama (10-23-12)

Madea's Witness Protection PG-13 Comedy (10-23-12) [10-23-12]

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter R Horror (10-23-12)  [11-20-12]

Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World R Romantic Comedy  (10-23-12) [11-20-12]

Crooked Arrows PG-13 Drama (10-23-12) [11-20-12]

Wrong Turn 5 R Horror/Slasher (10-23-12) [11-20-12]

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted PG Animation (10-16-12)  [10-16-12]

That's My Boy R Comedy # (10-16-12) [10-16-12]

Chernobyl Diaries R Horror (10-16-12)

Prometheus R Sci-Fi (10-9-12)  [11-6-12]

The Raven R Thriller (10-9-12)  [11-6-12]

Crazy Eyes NR Drama (10-9-12)  [10-9-12]

A Cat In Paris PG Mystery (10-9-12)  [10-9-12]

The Courier R Drama (10-9-12) [10-30-12]

Dark Shadows PG-13 Drama/Horror (10-2-12) [11-27-12]

People Like Us PG-13 Drama (One brawl disqualifies this movie) (10-2-12) [10-2-12]

The Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate R Drama (10-2-12) [10-30-12]

Iron Sky R Sci-Fi (10-2-12) [10-2-12]

Red Lights R Horror/Thriller (10-2-12) [10-2-12]

The Lady R Drama (10-2-12) [10-2-12]

The Avengers PG-13 Action/Adventure (9-25-12) [9-25-12]

Soldiers Of Fortune R Drama (9-25-12)

The Samaritan R Drama (9-25-12)

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 PG-13 Action/Adventure (9-25-12)

The Tall Man R Drama (9-25-12) [9-25-12]

The Cabin In The Woods R Horror (9-18-12) [9-18-12]

Chico And Rita NR Animation (9-18-12) [9-18-12]

Bait R Drama (9-18-12) [9-18-12]

Snow White And The Huntsman PG-13 Drama  (9-11-12)

For Greater Glory R Drama/War  (9-11-12)  [9-11-12]

6 Bullets R Drama  (9-11-12)  [9-11-12]

Bad Karma R Drama  (9-11-12)  [9-11-12]

Safe R Drama (9-4-12) [9-4-12]

Woman Thou Art Loosed On The 7th Day PG-13 Drama (9-4-12) [9-4-12]

Piranha 3DD R Horror (9-4-12) [9-4-12]

Battleship PG-13 Action/Sci-Fi (8-28-12)

The Lucky One PG-13 Drama (8-28-12)

The Pirates! Band Of Misfits PG Animation (8-28-12) [8-28-12]

Headhunters R Thriller (8-28-12) [8-28-12]

The Dictator R Comedy (8-21-12) [8-21-12]

Freelancers R Action/Adventure (8-21-12)

One In The Chamber NR Action/Adventure (8-21-12) [8-21-12]

The Hunger Games PG-13 Action/Sci-Fi (8-18-12) [8-18-12]

The Raid Redemption NR Drama (8-14-12) [8-14-12]

Kill List NR Thriller (8-14-12) [8-14-12]

The Snowtown Murders (8-14-12) [8-14-12]

Breathless R (8-14-12) [8-14-12]

Hick R Drama (8-14-12) [8-14-12]

Dr Suess' The Lorax PG Animation (8-7-12)

Warriors Of The Rainbow NR Drama (8-7-12) [8-7-12]

Fortress PG-13 War/Drama (7-31-12)

Hatfields And McCoys NR Drama (7-31-12) [7-31-12]

ATM R Thriller/Horror (7-31-12) [7-31-12]

Treasure Island NR Action/Adventure (7-24-12)

Meeting Evil R Drama (7-24-12) [7-24-12]

Age Of The Dragons PG-13 Action/Adventure (7-24-12)

Brake R Drama (7-24-12) [7-24-12]

Silent House R Horror (7-24-12)

The Three Stooges PG Comedy (7-17-12)

Lockout PG-13 Sci-Fi (7-17-12) [7-17-12]

Casa De Mi Padre R Comedy (7-17-12) [7-17-12]

Get The Gringo R Drama (7-17-12)

Intruders R Horror (7-17-12)

The Flowers Of War R Drama (7-10-12)

The Hunter R Drama (7-3-12) [7-3-12]

God Bless America R Comedy (7-3-12) [7-3-12]

Not yet reviewed

Violence Ratings And Reviews of Movies Currently In Theaters from 1/4/13 to 2/4/13: (Click on links to see reviews.) 

Footnotes: * = there is smoking in this movie. 
# = there is no smoking in this movie.
Little or no Violence  (2 or less violent scenes, or just a few off screen violent stories and few deaths if any.)
Some Girl(s) NR Romantic Comedy*

Touchy Feely R Drama*

Paradise PG-13 Drama/Comedy*

Christmas Angel NR Drama #

In Another Country NR Romance*

Step Up To The Plate NR Documentary #

Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters NR Documentary*

California Solo NR Drama #

Brooklyn Castle PG Documentary #

The Revisionaries NR Documentary #

That Guy...Who Was In That Thing TV-14 Documentary #

The Raw And The Cooked NR Documentary #

An American Girl: McKenna Shoots For The Stars NR Drama #

The Men Next Door NR Gay Romantic Comedy #

30 Beats R Comedy*

Price Check NR Comedy #

Cheerful Weather For The Wedding PG Drama*

The Mistle-Tones! TV-PG Children & Family #

The Hot Flashes R Drama/Comedy*

Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf's PG-13 Documentary #

Future Weather NR Drama*

The End Of Love NR Drama #

Venus and Serena PG-13 Documentary #

A Taste of Romance NR Romance #

Quartet PG-13 Drama*

The Guilt Trip PG-13 Comedy #

The Sessions R Comedy/Drama*

Hubble G Documentary #

Non-Violent (10 or less violent scenes per 90 minutes, with few if any dead bodies.)

The Fitzgerald Family Christmas PG-13 Drama #

Slightly Single In LA NR Romantic Comedy #

Let It Shine TV-G Children & Family #

Cowgirls & Angels PG Children & Family #

Walk Away Renee NR Documentary*

Planet Ocean NR Documentary #

Little Red Wagon PG Drama #

Arthur Newman R Drama*

Struck By Lightning NR Comedy #

The Bouquet G Children & Family #

Secret Of The Wings G Children & Family/Animation #

Brother White NR Drama #

Only The Young NR Documentary #

Heaven's Door PG Drama #

Flicka 3: Country Pride G Children & Family #

Teen Beach Movie  TV-G Comedy/Musical #

Flying Lessons (2010) R Drama*

Any Day Now R Drama*

Escape Fire: The Fight To Rescue American Healthcare PG-13 Documentary*

Not Fade Away R Drama*

Amour PG-13 Drama*

My Worst Nightmare NR Comedy*

Promised Land R Drama #

Parental Guidance PG Comedy #

Hyde Park On Hudson R Drama*

Chasing Ice PG-13 Documentary #

Playing For Keeps PG-13 Comedy #

Jab Tak Hai Jaan NR Drama/Romance*

Chasing Mavericks PG Adventure/Drama #

Iffy (11-20 scenes of mild violence)
Clear History TV-MA Comedy #

Curious George: Swings Into Spring NR Animation/Children & Family #

Neighboring Sounds NR Drama*

The English Teacher R Drama #

Amazing Racer PG Children & Family #

The House I Live In NR Documentary*

Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away PG Docudrama #

Under The Sea G Documentary #

Born To Be Wild G Documentary #

Comedy Sportz  NR  Live Improv Comedy  #

Too Violent (way more than 10 violent scenes and/or many dead bodies and/or an orgy of violence at any point)
All Is Bright R Drama/Comedy* (wm)

The Canyons NR Drama (wm)

Stuck In Love R Drama (wm)

Orchestra Of Exiles NR Documentary (wm)

33 Postcards NR Drama (wm)

1st Night (2010) NR Comedy (wm)

3 Geezers! NR Comedy (wm)

Hemingway & Gellhorn TV-MA Drama* (wm)

Trance R Thriller (wm)

Left To Die: The Sandra and Tammi Chase Story NR Drama (wm)

Scooby Doo!: Mask Of The Blue Falcon NR Animation/Children & Family (wm)

Behind The Candelabra TV-MA Drama* (wm)

Barbie: In The Pink Shoes NR Children & Family/Animation (wm)

Waiting For Lightning PG-13 Documentary (wm)

Ultrasonic R Thriller (wm)

Kai Po Che! NR Drama (wm)

Young & Wild NR Drama (wm)

Backstage At Budz House R Comedy (wm) (A string of rants about violence counts as an orgy of violence.)

Freaky Deaky R Comedy* (wm)

Smitty PG Children & Family (wm)

Cinderella: Once Upon A Time In The West PG Animation (wm)

The Central Park Five NR Documentary (wm)

Mighty Fine R Drama* (wm)

The First Time PG-13 Comedy (wm)

Sisterakas NR Comedy

Warm Bodies PG-13 Comedy/Horror

Stand Up Guys R Comedy

Running With Scissors R Comedy/Drama

Bullet To The Head R Drama

Broken City R Drama

A Haunted House R Comedy

Movie 43 R Comedy

Broken City R Drama

The Last Stand R Drama

Mama PG-13 Horror

Saadi Love Story NR Romance

Rust And Bone R Drama

Race 2 NR Drama

Parker R Drama

Naayak NR Drama

Mumbai Mirror NR Drama

Hansel & Gretel ---Witch Hunters 3D R Horror

Alex Pandian NR Drama

One More Try NR Drama

Shun Li and The Poet NR Drama

Texas Chainsaw R Horror

Spirited Away PG Animated

Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu NR Comedy/Action

Porco Rosso PG Fantasy

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984) PG Animation

Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola NR Romantic Comedy

Gangster Squad R Drama

A Haunted House R Comedy

The Impossible PG-13 Drama

Not Fade Away R Drama

Les Miserables PG-13 Musical

Django Unchained R Drama

Deadfall R Drama

This Is 40 R Comedy

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey PG-13 Fantasy/Adventure

Monsters, Inc G Animated

Jack Reacher PG-13 Thriller

Dabangg 2 NR Comedy/Drama

Killing Them Softly R Drama

Hitchcock PG-13 Drama/Biography

Silver Linings Playbook R Romantic Comedy #

Rocky Mountain Express  NR Documentary #

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 PG-13 Drama

Rise Of The Guardians PG Animated

Lincoln PG-13 Drama

Life Of Pi PG Adventure

Anna Karenina R Drama

A Royal Affair R Drama

Skyfall PG-13 Action/Adventure

Wreck-It Ralph PG Animation

Flight R Drama

Here Comes The Boom PG Comedy/Action

Argo R Thriller

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower PG-13 Comedy/Drama

Looper R Thriller

Hotel Transylvania PG Comedy/Family

Red Dawn PG-13 Action/Adventure
Not yet reviewed

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