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1-20-16 Update:

Please note that Indoor Marketplace has closed.  We lost our lease. Please visit Crafters' Alley for all the great deals that you can get buying from

New! now has a sale every month at all brick and mortar locations (Crafters' Alley, Picc-A-Dilly Flea Market and Free Speech Plaza).  See below for details.

3 Items For $3.00 Each Sale

Every month (at Crafters' Alley inside the Gateway Mall next to Sears) has certain items marked down to an average of $3 each. Please note that there is a limit of three $3 sale items per customer per visit. The sale ends when all marked down items are sold. Restocking may occur during the sale month, but only in-stock items will be sold at these prices. * specializes in Fair Trade Crafts at ~50% off MSRP every day.*

January-February (January 20th to February 14th) is the Valentines Day Sale. All earrings are marked down to only $3. You save 70% to 80% off the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

All of the month of March is the Cesar Chavez's Birthday Sale. All UFW items are only $3, except for the 3'x5' flags which are $30. You save 50%-85% off MSRP.

The entire month of April is the Tax Day Sale. All wallets are marked down to only $3 instead of $6. You save 75% off the MSRP.

The entire month of May is the Cinco De Mayo Sale. All UFW items are only $3, except for the 3'x5' flags which are $30. You save 50%-85% off MSRP.

The month of June is the Fashion Sale. All bracelets are marked down to only $3, except for the Rainbow bracelets that are marked down to only $1. You save 75%-88% off MSRP.

The month of July is the Footbag Sale (aka Hacky Sack Sale). All Footbags are marked down to only $2. You save 71%-78% off MSRP.

The month of August is the Bike Riders' Sale. All fanny packs are marked down to only $3. You save 85% off MSRP.

The month of September is the Back To School Sale. All backpacks and purses are marked down to only $3. You save 75%-93% off MSRP.

The month of October is the Scarves Sale. All scarves are only $3. You save 75% off MSRP.

The month of November is the Salad Server Sale. All salad server sets are marked down to only $3. You save 83%-88% off MSRP.

The month of December is the Xmas Ornament Sale. All ornaments are marked down to only $3. You save up to 75% off MSRP.

11-11-15 Update:

E-Book: How To Find A Movie Or TV Series To Watch That You And Your Kids Will Love

This e-book represents a distillation of a few years of experience finding and reviewing nonviolent movies for Peacemovies(dot)com. In this e-book, I give parents the tools they need to sift through the movies and TV series that are available to find the movie or TV series that both they and their kids will love. The price for this e-book is just $7, which covers shipping of the CD to anywhere in the world. Please send a check or money order for $7 to Peacemovies(dot)com, PO Box 10631, Eugene, OR 97440 USA. There is no order form on the web site for security reasons (Ed Snowden has stated that the security of https is garbage). This e-book comes with a 30 day money back guarantee (less postage that you pay to return it). It will also be available soon at my two consignment locations for Peacestickers(dot)net. See the photos below for details on those locations.

 11-10-15 Update:

The following table shows the latest edition of the 1/4 sheet flier that is being distributed on the street over the next few weeks. flier text

The following article was submitted for publication in the Eugene Occupier. The article exposes the false narrative that we have been subjected to regarding how Free Trade agreements have driven down wages of workers everywhere as US workers are pitted in direct competition with offshore workers who get paid next to nothing. Basically, the false narrative too often fails to mention that the productivity of offshore workers who get paid next to nothing is also next to nothing, so the cost savings that CEOs with $ signs in their eyes are drooling over the prospect of paying workers next to nothing often just don't work out.


Some Portions Of The Military Industrial Complex Are Not Turning A Bigger Profit By Moving Production Offshore.
What Gives?

By John Thielking

How many times have you heard the often repeated phrase that 'we [the USA workers] can't compete with those workers in China because they get paid only $1 per hour or $2 per hour'. Well, it is about time that that assumption was tested with some real facts. First off, while it is true that the wages paid to a worker in China or India are about 1/10 the wages paid to a worker in the USA(2), that does not paint a complete picture concerning the production costs of producing products offshore. In the example of moving production to China or India, it turns out that the productivity of the workers in those countries is only 1/6-1/10 of the productivity of the workers in the USA(3), In the case of moving production to Mexico as of 1996-2000 the actual production cost savings was only 40%, in an example cited by University of Mass. Amherst (1). Given that the labor cost as a fraction of the final retail price of a typical shirt made in the USA or Mexico is only 3-6% of the final retail price, it seems likely that a firm can remain competitive in the marketplace while keeping production located in the USA. (1)

It has been pointed out that all of the anticipated cost savings combined (labor, dumping waste directly in the river instead of transporting it to a toxic waste dump, tax breaks and free money giveaways by the host countries) are often not enough to make the production of goods offshore more profitable than producing the same goods within the USA. Often times many competing firms will relocate production to exactly the same place offshore. This 'herd mentality' has the unintended consequence of driving up wages in the local labor market, wiping out the potential 40% or so reduction in production costs cited in the 1996 Mexico example (4). Other factors to consider besides just labor and the environmental regulations are the infrastructure surrounding the production plant, the lag time that it takes to get products to market on a 2 month journey across the ocean on a boat, etc. Some firms are now choosing to relocate production back to the USA (5). Many times they do this because the wages of production workers in the USA have been driven down. But other times it is a matter of wanting to locate the production plant near the Research and Development facilities of the company, for example.

Realizing labor cost is only 3%-6% of the retail price of a product and also realizing that workers in the USA are more productive, this author decided to interview a few of the vendors at the Saturday Market in downtown Eugene. The people who make jewelry and crafts by hand for the Saturday Market report that they are not able to earn a decent living wage making jewelry or crafts and selling them at the market. However, there are a couple of cases, including this author's own experiences, that suggest one can at least in theory make at least minimum wage selling your own artwork if it is reproduced as a print or sticker by a machine.

Also, it would be good to see how the idea that offshore production is often not more profitable fits into the bigger puzzle of the workings of the Military Industrial Complex. Why does it make sense to source critical parts for US weapons systems from facilities in China if you often can't even just make more money by doing so?

In addition, since people are willing to pay only up to 125% of the regular price of an item to be sure that it has not been produced in a sweatshop (plus the fact that only 3%-6% of the retail price is taken up by the labor cost of an item, even when the production workers wages are doubled) (1) (8) it seems unreasonable for sellers of fair trade crafts to jack up their prices 200-300% when the actual production costs and the demand in the marketplace don't justify such high prices. If fair trade crafts are going to be sold in the mainstream and be mass produced to benefit large numbers of workers, that needs to change too.

References and further reading:

(1) Global Apparel Production And Sweatshop Labor: Can Raising Retail Prices Finance Living Wages?


(3) Productivity rates in different countries:





(8) Personal communication with the manager of Guatemala Wholesale indicates that the skilled craftspeople making hackey sacks for $1 each wholesale cost are earning a profit equivalent to 4-8x the minimum wage of $3-$6 per day.

7-30-15 Update:
The 30 day money back guarantee is now in effect for the web site as well as both consignment locations. If I sell you something at a temporary location such as the Free Speech Plaza in downtown Eugene, you can make an appointment with me to return any items that are sold there. Or you can take your item and your receipt to Indoor Marketplace, 3305 Main St #4, Springfield, OR from 12PM-9PM Tuesday-Sunday. The guarantee is that any item that has a sales receipt to document when it was purchased may be returned within 30 days for a full refund. The customer pays for shipping to return the item if it was purchased on the web site via my PO Box. Items may be returned in any condition. For example, if you tie-dyed the shirt you bought and you no longer like it, bring it back for a full refund within the 30 days. Bumper stickers may be removed from your car using a heat blast from a hair dryer. Items returned by mail must be postmarked within the 30 day limit. Historically, I have had one item returned per a similar policy during the entire two years that I had a fair trade crafts store in San Jose, CA. I don't anticipate very many returns as I sell high quality stuff.

What is
6-4-15 (Edited 6-18-15)
by John Thielking, owner of is a web site primarily dedicated to selling the 14 (now temporarily only 12) peace-themed bumper stickers that you can preview by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

The bumper stickers are for the most part the unique creations of myself (John Thielking) and were printed at a local Mom and Pop print shop in Eugene, OR. A couple of the stickers have well known slogans first created by others that I came up with on my own or modified myself and had used on protest signs at peace demonstrations. These include: 'The First Casualty Of War Is The Truth' and 'Black Lives Matter Too'. An original quote that I could find for the first one seems to indicate that it is similar to the phrase 'The first casualty, when war comes, is Truth' said by US Senator Hiram Warren Johnson in 1918 (reference: page 17 of Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story Of The Patriot Act And The Cover Ups Of 9/11 And Iraq; The Ultimate Conspiracy To Silence Truth, by Susan Lindauer). There may be other people who uttered the exact phrase that I used or who actually said 'Truth is the first casualty of war'. However, after doing a quick Google search, it indeed appears that the exact phrase 'The First Casualty Of War Is The Truth' is actually merely an urban legend and misquote of Hiram Warren Johnson, among many others. Go here to read the various opinions on that.

I also want to give a shout out to the creators of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Apparently, their national web site is located at
I in no way mean any disrespect for their movement, nor am I, by printing stickers with the 'Black Lives Matter Too' slogan, intentionally hijacking or ripping off their slogan for my own personal gain like some kind of white guy colonialist taking some native plant back to his lab to clone and then patent. While I claim some rights to the other slogans I have created for my bumper stickers, I claim no rights to the slogan 'Black Lives Matter Too', since in a narrow interpretation of copyright law it could be considered to be a derivative work based on the slogan 'Black Lives Matter'. I created the slogan 'Black Lives Matter Too' as a specific response to being heckled with the phrase 'All Lives Matter' in response to my protest sign which originally read simply 'Black Lives Matter'. Saying 'Black Lives Matter Too' is an attempt to put a bandaid on the wound created by white people thinking that they are naturally equal in status within a white power structure society to others who are normally discriminated against while they thoughtlessly heckle someone holding a 'Black Lives Matter' sign with the phrase 'All Lives Matter'.  Equality and equal status does not occur 'naturally' within our white power structure dominated society in the USA and much of the world, and until it does, I will continue to hold the sign that says 'Black Lives Matter Too' and will continue to sell stickers that say that too.  If the people who run want a share of the profits from my sales of 'Black Lives Matter Too' stickers, they are welcome to hit me up at

6-18-15 Edit: It has come to my attention that the phrase 'Black Lives Matter' is now trademarked by two different corporations, each making claims that 'Black Lives Matter' was first used in commerce or will be used in commerce after 12-18-14. Although the specific categories that these corporations have been granted a trademark for don't appear to include bumper stickers, I have decided to withdraw the sticker 'Black Lives Matter Too' from sale (and from the giveaway offer) until I can get clarification on how to proceed. Are the trademark claims legit, is one question, as I'm sure that 'Black Lives Matter' was used in commerce much prior to 12-18-14.  If Alicia Garza et al are not related to the corporations making these claims, I will likely not print any more of these stickers. I have a different sticker; 'USA Police Depts Evolved From Slave Patrols' that speaks to the same issue and is not likely to be trademarked now or in the future as the rule is that you can't get a trademark on a disparaging statement such as that one.

Also withdrawn from sale is the sticker 'Mainstream News? Welcome To Fantasy Island'.  'Fantasy Island' is trademarked by Columbia Pictures and their trademark rights in that category cover entertainment and education, which likely eclipses my role in selling that particular sticker. I will be replacing it with a sticker that says something like; 'Mainstream News? Welcome To The World Of Lies And Omissions'. Terms such as 'Fantasy World' are trademarked, but 'World Of Lies And Omissions' is not trademarked and can never be trademarked, as it too is a derogatory statement that is not allowed to be trademarked.

A secondary mission of is to also sell Fair Trade Crafts from Global Crafts, Ten Thousand Villages and UFW Store at the two consignment locations for in Springfield, OR. The bumper stickers are also available at the retail store.  The hours and location of the retail stores are:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 12PM-9PM

Indoor Marketplace
3305 Main St #4
Springfield, OR

A second location is now open at

Crafters' Alley
3000 Gateway St, Springfield, OR (inside the Gateway Mall, between Hometown Buffet and Sears)
Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM
Sunday: 12PM-6PM

Mail orders for bumper stickers only may also be mailed to
PO Box 10631
Eugene, OR 97440

Please do not send mail to the Springfield address as some items sent there have been returned.

There is no order form on the web site. To place an order, you must write down the sticker version numbers and quantities desired and mail that to me along with a check or money order. For those of you sending mail within the USA ONLY: You can leave your return address off of the outside of your mail if you like. I ask that orders be placed this way so that my customers do not have as much data and metadata collected on them while they are shopping here as would occur if there were an https secured shopping cart on the web site (which according to Ed Snowden would not really be secure against the NSA) . Section 215 of the PATRIOT ACT may have lapsed, but even section 215 approved searches will still be in force for the next 3-6 months, plus there is a Bush era executive order (#12333) that allows the executive branch to continue bulk collection of data the same as if section 215 never expired. For a discussion of those issues, please watch the 6/1/15 episode of Thom Hartmann's The Big Picture on Youtube, located here.

The deal on bumper stickers is the following: The regular prices for the bumper stickers are: $2 each for any quantity of stickers, which as of 6-18-15 is 50% off the regular price of $4 each for one or two stickers. Normally, shipping is free to any location worldwide.  However, during the Worldwide Bumper Sticker Sale, where you can get a bumper sticker for free, I am asking all mail orders to include a #10 (9 inches long) Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope with one ounce of postage on it. The deal on Fair Trade Crafts is the following: You are welcome to come by the retail store in Springfield to make a purchase. I do not ship Fair Trade Crafts at this time. I have a few items from Global Crafts that are in locked jewelry cases that you can preview anytime that the Indoor Marketplace building is open (11AM-6:30PM Tuesday-Thursday, 11AM-8PM Friday-Sunday).  You can also see what the Global Crafts items that I have are by looking at the first 45 items or so on their best sellers page located here.  As of 6-18-15 all of the items from Global Crafts that I have in the store are marked down 50% or more. Basically, they are marked down 50% and then if the 50% off results in a price such as $3.50 for example, the price is rounded down to the nearest dollar, or in this example $3 exactly.

Any items on the Global Crafts, Ten Thousand Villages and UFW Store web sites that are not over-sized  I can special order for you under the following conditions: For the first $1500 in retail value of merchandise ordered per month (not likely to be exceeded any time soon), I currently offer 'try before you buy', where you pick the items you want to see from those web sites, I special order them for you, and then when the items finally get delivered to the retail store in Springfield, you decide if you really want them and want to pay for them when you come to pick them up. This offer will continue to be extended so long as most of the special orders that customers make are eventually paid for in full. If the above conditions no longer apply, then at that point I will ask customers to make a 50% deposit on all items that are special ordered. All special orders will be stored in 2 locked cabinets at the retail store until you come by to pick them up. Currently, there is a sign at the store advertising a 'catalog of over 3000 Fair Trade Craft Items'. For now, the 'catalog' consists of the above 3 Fair Trade Craft web sites that are accessible from my laptop that I take with me every day to the store, Tuesday-Friday from 2PM-6PM. In the near future the 'catalog' will be in paper and ink format, able to be previewed anytime that the Indoor Marketplace building is open. I expect the UFW Store items to be available for paper and ink catalog previewing within 1-2 weeks from now. Shipping is free for all items shipped to the retail store.  There are no additional discounts on special orders at this time, except that items on the closeouts pages of Global Crafts or Ten Thousand Villages may be ordered for 50%-80% off the regular retail prices. Ten Thousand Villages' web site displays these new lower prices, while you will have to talk to me about the prices available from Global Crafts.  I may soon have a paper and ink catalog for the Global Crafts closeouts available at the Springfield store and also possibly online in the near future.

The Bumper Sticker Sale Has Been Extended: Special (slightly modified) Terms And Conditions Apply:  To a degree, this sale offer MAY be combined with other offers to increase your overall savings. (Edited 6-18-15) is having a worldwide bumper sticker sale from May 25, 2015 until I run out of the first batch of 700 stickers.  I am giving away one free bumper sticker per customer to all people who visit the retail store during normal business hours. For anyone visiting the retail store who also wants to get more than one bumper sticker, the new lower prices still apply during the sale and may be combined with the sale offer of one free sticker per customer to increase your overall savings. Since the first bumper sticker is free, this is equivalent to giving you a discount of $2 off any package of more than one bumper sticker. So, for example, a package of 5 stickers that normally costs $10 would only cost you $8. Only the bumper stickers currently in stock will be available as a free sticker if you are not making a purchase. If you want more than one sticker, or wish to pay the regular price of $2 for one sticker, I can back order stickers that are out of stock. If you get more than one sticker, the sale price of one free sticker per customer, plus the new lower prices apply and may be combined for additional savings, even on back orders. 

I am making this a 'Worldwide Bumper Sticker Sale' by extending the following offer and terms to people requesting bumper stickers by mail: For all bumper sticker orders by mail that are requesting to be included in the sale offers, you will be asked to send me a #10 Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (the standard letter envelope that is about 9" long) with one ounce worth of postage on it to cover part or all of the cost of shipping your bumper sticker(s) to you anywhere in the world. For instance, USA customers would need to have a $0.49 stamp or a forever stamp on their SASE and customers in France would need to include about $1.20 in international postage. To get one free bumper sticker, please send the SASE along with a letter indicating which bumper sticker version # you want and your e-mail address. Mail orders will be filled as the mail is received, so if I run out of your desired sticker, I will need to e-mail you to confirm what other sticker you might want instead. I have about 50 stickers of each version available and the response to my promotion of the sale has so far not been overwhelming, so I really don't expect to run out of any one sticker for a few weeks, but you can never know for sure.  Limit one free sticker by mail per household (one free sticker per mailing address).

For those customers requesting to be included in the sale offer by mail and who want to purchase additional stickers: The first sticker is free, equivalent to getting a $2 discount off of the regular prices and regular quantity discounts. So as in the above example for the retail store, your purchase of 5 stickers for example would only cost you $8 instead of $10, except that instead of the normal offer of free shipping on all orders, you would need to include an SASE with one ounce of postage, appropriate for the final shipping destination, worldwide.  For both mail order and retail store customers, I will fill all purchase orders of more than one sticker with the desired stickers at sale prices even if that means I have to do a second printing on some of the stickers if I run out. This offer does not extend to those customers who only request a free sticker. When I run out of free stickers, that is it, for all customers who are not making an actual purchase. If I have your e-mail address, I will let you know the outcome and let you know if you need to select a different free sticker if I run out of the one you want. Limit one free sticker by mail per household (one free sticker per mailing address). All of these sale offers will end when I have given away all of the free stickers that are free without making a purchase (600 stickers or so). After the sale ends, the new lower price of $2 per sticker for all quantities of stickers will still apply. And worldwide shipping will again be free for all paid orders.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see the stickers that are available.  Note also that sticker #11 will be modified in future printings to have the word 'Pimps' in place of the word 'Prostitutes', as it was pointed out to me by one of my customers that all prostitutes are victims.  Also, sticker #1 will have an exclamation point (!) added after the question mark (?) in subsequent printings. Also, because of trademark issues, sticker #5 and #10 are not currently being sold. Replacements and/or strictly legal relaunches for both of those stickers are in the works.  If you are a Black Lives Matter fan, I would suggest getting sticker #7 for now instead. Thank you.

5-20-15 Update:

Since it was reported yesterday on Facebook that certain postings concerning Trade Promotion Authority (otherwise known as Fast Track) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) were being censored from Facebook, and because of the looming threat posed by Mark Zuckerberg's promotion of which seeks to reduce the Internet to a broadcast medium consistent with the content of mainstream cable news, I have therefore decided that all future printings of bumper stickers will include the PO Box 10631, Eugene, OR 97440 address along with the web site URL at the bottom of each sticker.

5-12-15 Update:

I was a little concerned yesterday when I received my first shipment of United Farm Workers' Store (UFW Store) items since 2008 and found that the T-shirts said 'Made In Haiti'.  I thought 'Oh that's just great. The UFW Store has compromised their principles of not exploiting workers by buying blank shirts from a sweatshop in Haiti' Not so! It turns out that Justin Watkins, who is a manager at the UFW Store sent me the following message in response to my worries:

Hi John,

I agree with you and I’m glad you mentioned it. As a Union we are, of course, held to a different standard than major retailers. Which is strange because one would think that we’d all want to have products made by people NOT being exploited. Over the last couple of years our source materials have shrank and became more localized. Now most all of our products are made in cooperation with a group in Visalia Ca, call Proteus, that is an education based group, often working with the children of farm workers, to teach them production skills. We also work with Homeboy Industries out of Los Angeles, which is a ‘return to work’ based group for rehabilitated ex-convicts and ex-gang members. There is also a couple other Union shops in LA we’ve had a long standing relationship with that we continue to do business with. The other group we work with is in Bakersfield, about 45 minutes from our HQ. They have both Union and non-Union shops here in town that do a lot of work for us. So, everything done in terms of print or production is primarily handled right here, locally. That said some basic items do come from overseas from time to time. The Union shops and local shops we work with know they must come from business that can be trusted to treat their workers fairly and absolutely no child labor. That is a hard line in the sand for us. As a result of this we will, at times, switch the vendor of a particular material or have to adjust prices. Whenever possible, the shops will buy directly from the U.S., typically in bulk so they can get better pricing.

Our goal is the provide a  good product at prices that will allow us to continue our work and allow for dealers to pick up our products and sell them so they can maintain a lively hood. Of course, some items, the cost is too close to the retail price and this stems from higher production costs because we opted to go for a vendor who treats their workers fairly. Sometimes this isn’t great financially, but it allows us to put out a product people want at a price they are willing to pay.

I hope this puts some of your fears to rest. We do want to sell products and promote our movement, of course, but not on the backs of other workers who are exploited. There are some companies we no longer do business with because they frequented vendors who used companies that had reports in progress of alleged abuses.

The one international product that we (somewhat) handle ourselves are the Guyaberas. We work with a small local vendor in LA on Olvera Street and she gets the materials from a shop Mexico that she has worked with most of her life and she has a good relationship with the Union and our UFW President.

On a side note, your store sounds really nice! Do you have a Facebook page or a website where we could see it?

Thank you for your support John and for asking about the products. I like to tell folks about the groups we work with and the communities we help support. I’m always telling our vendors that we talk about them too, so we like to make sure everyone is on the ‘up and up.’



Peacestickers: Bumper stickers with Peace themes Good luck and happy shopping!


John Thielking
Owner of

PS When you finally receive your stickers and are ready to apply them to your car, consider foiling license plate reader cameras and police cruiser dashboard cameras by placing the stickers on some place other than the rear bumper portion of your car.  The side doors or the tops of the hoods or roof would make good alternative spots that won't be promptly picked up by automated surveillance cameras that are out and about.

Here are some pictures of the available bumper stickers.  Regular prices are now: $2 each for any quantity of stickers. Shipping is free for any sized order mailed worldwide (except during the sale, when you need to send an SASE to get your free or discounted sticker(s)). Only bumper stickers are available for shipping. All other items must be picked up at the Springfield store. Thank you.

Sticker #1: "From The Ukraine To Venezuela: CAN'T THE USA STAY OUT OF ANYTHING?"

From The Ukraine To Venezuela: CAN'T THE USA STAY OUT OF

Sticker #2: The First Casualty Of War Is The Truth

The First Casualty Of War Is The Truth

Sticker #3: Free Gaza Now
Free Gaza Now

Sticker #4: Don't Bomb Iraq or Anyone Anymore
Don't Bomb Iraq Or Anyone Anymore

Sticker #5: Mainstream News? Welcome To Fantasy Island
Mainstream News? Welcome To Fantasy Island

Sticker #6: Arrest Terrorists Not Comedians
Arrest Terrorists Not Comedians

Sticker #7: USA Police Depts Evolved From Slave Patrols
USA Police Depts Evolved From Slave Patrols

Sticker #8: Buy Nothing On Obscenedian Thursday And Black Friday
Buy Nothing On Obscenedian Thursday And Black Friday

Sticker #9: Reclaim Your Right To Privacy. Shop
Reclaim Your Right To Privacy. Shop

Sticker #10: Black Lives Matter Too
Black Lives Matter Too

Sticker #11: People Who Make Me Ashamed To Have The Name 'John': Prostitutes, Plumbers, McCain, Yoo, Kerry, Jihadi
People Who Make Me Ashamed To Have The Name 'John':
        Prostitutes, Plumbers, McCain, Yoo, Kerry, Jihadi

Sticker #12: Just Say No To Security Theater
Just Say No To Security Theater

Sticker #13: North Korea? France? Twitter? Another Day, Another False Flag
North Korea? France? Twitter? Another Day, Another False

Sticker #14: Legalize Car Camping
Legalize Car Camping

Note that all stickers are 8.5" long x 2"-3.5" high. Some of the stickers pictured here are shown actual size. They all fit in a #10 letter sized envelope, to save you money on shipping.

6-5-15 Update:

I will be starting a new initiative on in the next few weeks. Each bumper sticker image on the homepage will soon link to its own web page on the web site. On each unique page there will be a 1-2 page explanation of the philosophy behind each bumper sticker slogan. The explanations will also be available in paper and ink format at the Springfield store as a set of free copies.  At least they will be free for now. I might have to ask for donations if the interest level in the free copies gets to be too big.  People will be invited to make comments on each topic by the following means: They can mail their comments to my PO Box (with their return address left off of the outside of the envelope that they send to me) or they can drop off their comments in a drop box that will be placed at the Springfield store. By submitting your comments in either of these fashions, you are giving me permission to create a derivative work based on your comments that will be a summary, in my own words and style of prose, of the comments that you have made. I will then publish the comment summaries on the web site and make them part of the paper and ink handouts at the Springfield store. The names of the people making comments will be altered and only their town and state and country will be included in the final publications. I'm making the paper and ink copies available to foil NSA attempts to track Internet useage and to foil attempts to track who reads what online. I ask that you send me only snail mail with no return address on the envelope or drop off your comments at the Springfield store to foil attempts by the NSA to track the origins of any comments and to foil attempts to record meta data that identifies you as a person who made a comment. I will be rewriting the comments in my own words in order to foil the technology that is already in use that can uniquely identify the person who wrote a piece of prose simply by analyzing the writing style. If I do this right, every comment will look to the NSA like something I wrote, rather than something that an identifiable person other than me wrote.  If I do this right, I will end up with a web site that has comments added to each bumper sticker description page that are more securely anonymous (and with less spam) than could be achieved by accessing a site such as Facebook through Torr.

To see a brand new page, detailing how you can legally watch and hear streaming content over the web (for free) that is often of much better quality and originality than the typical Hollywood production, and is most often completely nonviolent, click here to see the Off-Hollywood Page.

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