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5-13-15 Update:

The bumper sticker sale offer has one tiny flaw that I will explain my policy about here. It was not clear what the prices would be for people who want to pay for more than one sticker during the sale. I figure that since I'm giving away one sticker to every customer, that should be equivalent to a $4 discount off the regular price of a package deal of more than one sticker. Two stickers would then cost $4 and 3, 4 or 5 stickers would go for $6 instead of the regular price of $10. Packages of more than 5 stickers have a price of $2 per sticker minus the $4 for the one free sticker. I still ask that any orders placed by mail during the sale (postmarked  May 22, 2015 or earlier) please include a #10 Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope with one ounce's worth of postage on the envelope (one Forever stamp if mailed within the USA). This will help me cover shipping costs as the low prices I'm offering during the sale don't allow me to cover the cost of shipping multiple stickers using only my gross profit margin on the stickers, especially for international orders. There is one key point to keep in mind if you actually decide to pay me money for extra stickers by mail during the sale: I WILL FILL ORDERS AT SALE PRICES DURING THE SALE FOR ALL PEOPLE PAYING ME MONEY BY MAIL, EVEN IF I RUN OUT OF MY CURRENT STOCK OF STICKERS.  I can in fact afford to order more stickers printed at the prices I will be charging for multiple sticker packages during the sale, for any amount of stickers ordered. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see the stickers that are available.  Note also that sticker #11 will be modified in future printings to have the word 'Pimps' in place of the word 'Prostitutes', as it was pointed out to me by one of my customers that all prostitutes are victims.  Also, sticker #1 will have an exclamation point (!) added after the question mark (?) in subsequent printings. Thank you.

5-12-15 Update:

I was a little concerned yesterday when I received my first shipment of United Farm Workers' Store (UFW Store) items since 2008 and found that the T-shirts said 'Made In Haiti'.  I thought 'Oh that's just great. The UFW Store has compromised their principles of not exploiting workers by buying blank shirts from a sweatshop in Haiti' Not so! It turns out that Justin Watkins, who is a manager at the UFW Store sent me the following message in response to my worries:

Hi John,

I agree with you and I’m glad you mentioned it. As a Union we are, of course, held to a different standard than major retailers. Which is strange because one would think that we’d all want to have products made by people NOT being exploited. Over the last couple of years our source materials have shrank and became more localized. Now most all of our products are made in cooperation with a group in Visalia Ca, call Proteus, that is an education based group, often working with the children of farm workers, to teach them production skills. We also work with Homeboy Industries out of Los Angeles, which is a ‘return to work’ based group for rehabilitated ex-convicts and ex-gang members. There is also a couple other Union shops in LA we’ve had a long standing relationship with that we continue to do business with. The other group we work with is in Bakersfield, about 45 minutes from our HQ. They have both Union and non-Union shops here in town that do a lot of work for us. So, everything done in terms of print or production is primarily handled right here, locally. That said some basic items do come from overseas from time to time. The Union shops and local shops we work with know they must come from business that can be trusted to treat their workers fairly and absolutely no child labor. That is a hard line in the sand for us. As a result of this we will, at times, switch the vendor of a particular material or have to adjust prices. Whenever possible, the shops will buy directly from the U.S., typically in bulk so they can get better pricing.

Our goal is the provide a  good product at prices that will allow us to continue our work and allow for dealers to pick up our products and sell them so they can maintain a lively hood. Of course, some items, the cost is too close to the retail price and this stems from higher production costs because we opted to go for a vendor who treats their workers fairly. Sometimes this isn’t great financially, but it allows us to put out a product people want at a price they are willing to pay.

I hope this puts some of your fears to rest. We do want to sell products and promote our movement, of course, but not on the backs of other workers who are exploited. There are some companies we no longer do business with because they frequented vendors who used companies that had reports in progress of alleged abuses.

The one international product that we (somewhat) handle ourselves are the Guyaberas. We work with a small local vendor in LA on Olvera Street and she gets the materials from a shop Mexico that she has worked with most of her life and she has a good relationship with the Union and our UFW President.

On a side note, your store sounds really nice! Do you have a Facebook page or a website where we could see it?

Thank you for your support John and for asking about the products. I like to tell folks about the groups we work with and the communities we help support. I’m always telling our vendors that we talk about them too, so we like to make sure everyone is on the ‘up and up.’



5-10-15 Update:

Worldwide Bumper Sticker Sale On Friday, May 22, 2015!

I am going to be giving away one free bumper sticker per household on Friday, May 22, 2015.  You can stop by the Peacestickers(dot)net retail store at Indoor Marketplace, 3305 Main St #4, Springfield, OR from 2PM-6PM on Friday, May 22, 2105 to pick up your free sticker. Limit one free sticker per customer while supplies last. You can also send a #10 Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (that's the standard letter envelope that is 9" long)  to Peacestickers(dot)net, PO Box 10631, Eugene, OR 97440 USA. Please include a letter with your e-mail address and bumper sticker version # desired.  I only have 50 of each sticker, so if I run out, I will need to e-mail you and have you choose a different sticker. Mail received must be postmarked by May 22, 2015 to qualify for this offer. Priority will be given to those customers who visit the retail store.  So if you live in the Eugene/Springfield area, your best chance of snagging a free bumper sticker is to come by the retail store on May 22, 2015 between 2PM and 6PM.  Scroll down to the bottom of the home page to see the available stickers. Thank you.

4-28-15 Update:

New store hours are now in effect:

Mondays Closed
Tuesday-Friday 2PM-6PM (except for the third Friday of every month when the store will be closed at 5PM)
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

The store location is:

Peacestickers: Bumper stickers with Peace themes Indoor Marketplace
3305 Main Street #4
Springfield, OR 97478

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you can see what my peace oriented bumper stickers look like.

A new supplier of Fair Trade Crafts items has been added.  In the next week or two there will be various items available from the UFW Store (United Farm Workers).  Many items available on their web site will be available as well as some items that are not on their web site.  If I don't have it in the store, I can special order it with no shipping charge.  Prices will be matched with the sale prices on the UFW Store web site.

4-4-15 Update:

In addition to the 14 bumper stickers displayed below, there is now a modest display of some 39 different fair trade crafts items at the brick and mortar location. You can preview these items anytime between 11AM-6:30PM Tuesday-Sunday and until 8PM on Friday-Sunday. Purchasing of these items is only possible 2PM-6PM Tuesday-Friday.

My wholesale account for Ten Thousand Villages was approved this week. So effective immediately any customer who visits the brick and mortar store location can place a special order for any item (except oversize items) available on the Ten Thousand Villages web site.  The item will be available for in store pick up within 2 weeks. Payment is due when you pick the item up. This offer is good subject to my cash flow limitations as currently I am only able to process $1500 (retail price) per month in such orders.  At the point where cash flow becomes an issue, I will have to ask customers to prepay for their special orders. I don't anticipate that being an issue for the forseeable future however.  You can also visit the Global Crafts b2b site and then ask me to place a special order for any item that you see there.  In the near future I may also have my wholesale account reestablished with the UFW Store, so that you can special order United Farm Workers union made items such as T-shirts and so on. All items have no shipping charges added, so you save on shipping when you pick up the items at the brick and mortar store location. Shipping to other locations is not available. If you want an item shipped to another location, please place your order directly with the vendor at their respective web site.

A special note about promotions of on social media: It was reported today on that social media exposure is key to a business person's success. People want to know everything they can about the person they do business with. Well, I'm sorry, but that idea directly conflicts with my need for privacy. I will not be posting regular updates to social media that include such trivial items as what I had for dinner or breakfast or how many times I watched certain videos on the Internet and how I abused myself while watching said videos, etc. This entire business venture is founded on the principle of having the least amount of exposure to NSA spying as possible both for myself and my customers. Please bring cash when you shop at my store as I will not be accepting plastic. There will soon be a paper and ink catalog of thousands of fair trade crafts items available for special order that you can browse while you are at the brick and mortar location. This will cut down on the NSA's ability to figure out which customers bought which items. Please play along with this philosophy if we are to get along in business together. Thank you.

3-25-15 Update:
New! now has the ultimate in online security against NSA snooping: a brick and mortar location with a minimal security camera not likely connected to the Internet, which is obscured by a big pinata anyway. The location is:

Indoor Marketplace
3305 Main Street #4
Springfield, OR 97478

Open hours:
Mon-Wed Closed
Thursdays 4PM-7PM
Fridays 4PM-7PM
Saturdays 2:30PM-7PM
Sundays 4PM-7PM

As of this moment, the only products available from the portion of the Indoor Marketplace are the 14 bumper stickers below.  However, as of April 1st, 2015 there will be a selection of 39 Fair Trade crafts items. To preview these items, visit the Global Crafts wholesale site, located here. The first 45 items (except the ornaments and the group of wooden animals) on the Best Sellers page are the ones that I ordered to be part of the brick and mortar store experience.   To check the retail prices, you can either create a log in for the b2b site or you can try to find a similar item on the retail web site called Gifts With Humanity.  All of the items available on the b2b web site are able to be special ordered.  Note that if the b2b site says that they will ship a range of colors for that item, then I can not guarantee the same color matching as may be provided on the Gifts With Humanity web site.  Thank you.

Coming soon: a complete web site where all of my prices and items available for special order are shown, except the items from Ten Thousand Villages. All items except the bumper stickers will only be available for in store pick up, with no shipping charges on any sized order.  To have items shipped to a location other than the store, please visit the Gifts With Humanity or Ten Thousand Villages web sites and place an order directly with them. Bumper stickers ship worldwide with free shipping on any sized order. Items from Ten Thousand Villages will also be available for in store pick up at the regular and non-flash-sale prices from the Ten Thousand Villages web site, with no shipping charges on any sized order. Special arrangements may be needed if ordering an over sized item from Ten Thousand Villages.  To see the Ten Thousand Villages items that are available, please visit the Ten Thousand Villages web site, located here.

2-11-15 Update:

The bumper stickers have finally been printed.  See below for the available selections.

Here is an announcement for you all who have been loyal visitors to As of today, January 5, 2015, all the movie reviews and home page versions of have been archived at the bottom of this page. The New Year of 2015 marks the start of a new venture, called At you will find out how to order unique bumper stickers that have been authored by John Thielking, who has made his best efforts to ensure that the stickers carry unique slogans that have not simply been ripped off from some other person or organization. For instance, you won't find here the hashtags #BlackLivesMatter or #ICan'tBreathe available in vinyl. However, you will find "Black Lives Matter Too" (a unique creation designed to counter hecklers commenting "All Lives Matter") and you will find the unique word order of "The First Casualty Of War Is The Truth" which was created independently of the original phrase first muttered in the early 20th century of "The Truth Is The First Casualty Of War".

The security of the potential customers of was also considered when setting up the site. It was found that there is no point in making all of the pages on the site be displayed using https protocol as according to the latest Snowden documents' accounts published recently in Der Speigel the NSA cracks 10 million or more https connections per day (as of 2012). So to keep the NSA's prying eyes out of the customers' affairs, the following strategy was chosen:

There is no printable order form on the site. You will have to write down your choices of bumper stickers by indicating the sticker version #'s and quantities on a sheet of paper and send that along with your name and mailing address and cash, check or money order to
PO Box 10631
Eugene, OR 97440

You can now address the envelopes to and make the checks payable to

For mail sent within the USA only: For added security (to obscure NSA metadata) do not include a return address on your envelope (the Post Office records all addresses on every envelope that gets sent) and either send cash or neglect to fill in true information in the "from" field of any money order that you send.  Note that my bank has told me that they will not accept money orders that don't have the "from" fields filled out, so SOMETHING must appear in the "from" field.  They didn't tell me that they would be checking to see if there is true information in the "from" field though, so make something up if you want. When the stickers are mailed to you, the return address for will also not appear on the envelope. So look for an envelope with no return address and that will be the one with your shipment in it. For added security against the banking system tracking your order before it arrives at your doorstep, the money orders and checks that are sent to will not be cashed until one week after the orders are shipped. This statement applies to the first 50 orders per month of $50 or less. I will do my best to make that work for more than 50 orders per month, but only the first 50 orders are guaranteed to be processed this way since there may be cash flow issues with processing more than 50 orders that way in one month.

For international orders:  Shipping of bumper stickers is free, worldwide, for any size order. Please include your real return address on your envelope as Customs may not allow the mail to go through otherwise. All money orders and checks sent internationally will be cashed before the orders are shipped.  Customs requires that the real return address for be included on any international shipments.  Most international shipments are not opened/inspected by Customs, so your security is almost as good as a domestic shipment within the USA.  Metadata, however, will be available for the NSA to collect. 

Good luck and happy shopping!


John Thielking
Owner of

PS When you finally receive your stickers and are ready to apply them to your car, consider foiling license plate reader cameras and police cruiser dashboard cameras by placing the stickers on some place other than the rear bumper portion of your car.  The side doors or the tops of the hoods or roof would make good alternative spots that won't be promptly picked up by automated surveillance cameras that are out and about.

Here are some pictures of the available bumper stickers.  Prices are: $4 each for one or two stickers and $2 each for five or more stickers. If you are ordering three or four or five stickers, just send $10, and it's all good. Shipping is free for any sized order mailed worldwide. Only bumper stickers are available for shipping. All other items must be picked up at the Springfield store. Thank you.

Sticker #1: "From The Ukraine To Venezuela: CAN'T THE USA STAY OUT OF ANYTHING?"

From The Ukraine To Venezuela: CAN'T THE USA STAY OUT OF

Sticker #2: The First Casualty Of War Is The Truth

The First Casualty Of War Is The Truth

Sticker #3: Free Gaza Now
Free Gaza Now

Sticker #4: Don't Bomb Iraq or Anyone Anymore
Don't Bomb Iraq Or Anyone Anymore

Sticker #5: Mainstream News? Welcome To Fantasy Island
Mainstream News? Welcome To Fantasy Island

Sticker #6: Arrest Terrorists Not Comedians
Arrest Terrorists Not Comedians

Sticker #7: USA Police Depts Evolved From Slave Patrols
USA Police Depts Evolved From Slave Patrols

Sticker #8: Buy Nothing On Obscenedian Thursday And Black Friday
Buy Nothing On Obscenedian Thursday And Black Friday

Sticker #9: Reclaim Your Right To Privacy. Shop
Reclaim Your Right To Privacy. Shop

Sticker #10: Black Lives Matter Too
Black Lives Matter Too

Sticker #11: People Who Make Me Ashamed To Have The Name 'John': Prostitutes, Plumbers, McCain, Yoo, Kerry, Jihadi
People Who Make Me Ashamed To Have The Name 'John':
        Prostitutes, Plumbers, McCain, Yoo, Kerry, Jihadi

Sticker #12: Just Say No To Security Theater
Just Say No To Security Theater

Sticker #13: North Korea? France? Twitter? Another Day, Another False Flag
North Korea? France? Twitter? Another Day, Another False

Sticker #14: Legalize Car Camping
Legalize Car Camping

Note that all stickers are 8.5" long x 2"-3.5" high. Some of the stickers pictured here are shown actual size. They all fit in a #10 letter sized envelope, to save you money on shipping.

To see a brand new page, detailing how you can legally watch and hear streaming content over the web (for free) that is often of much better quality and originality than the typical Hollywood production, and is most often completely nonviolent, click here to see the Off-Hollywood Page.

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Please support the Santa Cruz 11.  These are 11 activists and journalists who were innocent bystanders at a bank building takeover in November 2011 in Santa Cruz, CA, but who are now being charged with felony vandalism, felony conspiracy to commit vandalism and misdemeanor trespass.  See the suggested actions to take to support the Santa Cruz 11 by clicking here.

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