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What Is Peacemovies.com?
by John Thielking

Note that Peacemovies.com was offline on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 as part of the General Strike in honor of May Day. Thank you for your support. To see the strike page, go here. 

To see a brand new page, detailing how you can legally watch and hear streaming content over the web (for free) that is often of much better quality and originality than the typical Hollywood production, and is most often completely nonviolent, click here to see the Off-Hollywood Page.

To see the original intro, click here.   To see last month's intro, click here.

Please support the Santa Cruz 11.  These are 11 activists and journalists who were innocent bystanders at a bank building takeover in November 2011 in Santa Cruz, CA, but who are now being charged with felony vandalism, felony conspiracy to commit vandalism and misdemeanor trespass.  See the suggested actions to take to support the Santa Cruz 11 by clicking here.

5-10-12 Update:
Note that the article from the May 2012 newsletter had two glaring errors in it, so it will not be appearing on the web site. ACTA is tied up in committee in the European Parliament, but it is not quite dead yet (unlike what was stated in the newsletter) and The Center For Copyright Information initiative, set to go into effect on July 12, 2012, which will involve Internet Service Providers in policing the Internet to enforce copyright rules and crack down on violators will involve only the current technologies that the RIAA and MPAA have been employing in the past to go after violators by tracking down users of P2P networks and will not involve Deep Packet Inspection, at least according to an interview with a rep from the RIAA conducted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in 2008. (The newsletter had threatened to follow through with filing a RICO act lawsuit assuming RIAA and MPAA were acting in concert with ISPs to violate wiretapping laws by doing deep packet inspection, but since this is a false claim, spread by misinformation on many tech blogs on the Internet, a lawsuit is unnecessary, or if CISPA passes and deep packet inspection happens anyway, the lawsuit would be useless.) In place of the newsletter article, I have pasted below an open letter to Congress regarding copyright enforcement on the Internet.

Open letter to Congress:

Dear Rep Zoe Lofgren and Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer:

I publish a commercial newsletter called Peacemovies.com that I plan to sell at news stands for $1 per copy. As a publisher of a for profit newsletter, I have decided to err on the side of caution when it comes to reading articles, weather for personal or professional reasons. My newsletter covers a wide range of topics and I wouldn't want some stray tidbit of information that was taken from a web site that bars me from re-using their information for a commercial purpose to inadvertently make its way to the pages of my newsletter. So for this reason, I have stopped reading any web sites that have creative commons licenses for their content or that have anything other than a copyright notice and/or “fair use” guidelines as part of their terms of use. An example of a good web site to read in this regard is the San Jose Mercury News (www.mercurynews.com). They only have a permission to make fair use of their material as part of their terms of use. Many other web sites are problematic. Www.naturalnews.com is the most extreme example of going overboard on draconian terms of use. On that web site it says that you can't make any use of the material on their site whatsoever, never mind if it is for personal or noncommercial use.
  1. Copyright
    All information contained on this site is copyright © 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 by Truth Publishing Inc. (“Natural News”). All rights reserved. The information contained on this site may not be copied, published, distributed, broadcast or otherwise used for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of Natural News.

It is high time that the Internet was decolonized and returned to the same state of affairs regarding copyrights as the public libraries were up until the 1980's. Any printed book or printed magazine that is published can have passages photocopied out of it for use in research and all such works can be paraphrased in unlimited amounts and derivative works may be constructed from a group of such publications with no legal problems. The same should be true for all web site content. Regardless of how much or how little is charged for access to a web site, the content contained therein should only be covered by copyright and trademark protections and nothing else. If you are discussing a trade secret and don't want that secret told to everyone in the world for a profit or not, then don't publish it on a web page! It's that simple.

Note also that obeying terms of use on various random web sites may soon no longer be a trivial concern. With the advent of bills such as CISPA and the existence of technology such as Deep Packet Inspection, it will be possible in the near future (if it is not already) to monitor people's Internet activity at a level that may very well reveal violations of terms of use. If someone is accused of violating terms of use, THAT is not a trivial matter. It could be construed to be violating federal law prohibiting computer fraud, which could result in the accused serving several years in federal prison. A couple of cases involving the applicable computer fraud statute have made their way through the courts. In one case a woman was accused of making a false profile on a dating site. This should not be grounds for giving her a multiple year prison sentence.

Please introduce legislation to modify the Digital Millenium Copyright Act to clarify this issue for everyone who uses the Internet. Thank you.


John Thielking
San Jose, CA USA

Article from the April 2012 Newsletter:

by John Thielking
April 2012
Vol. 1 No. 4

Journalists such as the person who writes these columns about violence in movies are under attack in the United States.

Some journalists are under attack through the repression of the Occupy movement. Many journalists covering the Occupy movement have been arrested and are facing an array of charges. In Santa Cruz, CA 11 innocent people, 4 of whom are amateur journalists for www.Indybay.org or Free Radio Santa Cruz, have been charged with felony vandalism, felony conspiracy to commit vandalism and trespass and misdemeanor trespass in connection with their inadvertent presence at the takeover of a vacant bank building at 75 River St, Santa Cruz, CA. For more information on this, visit www.indybay.org/santacruz or listen to the March 26, 2012 Hard Knock Radio and March 29, 2012 Flashpoints programs archived at www.kpfa.org. Also please copy and send a letter to the Santa Cruz County District Attorney located at www.peacemovies.com/supportsc11.html.

Journalists are under attack in many other ways too. Recently, Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky became plaintiffs in a lawsuit to overturn sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act. Their claim is that the NDAA 2012 interferes with the free speech rights of journalists by allowing the targeting for indefinite detention of anyone who has any association with a terrorist group or allied forces, even if they are merely reporting on the groups in question.

The crackdown on the journalism of Peacemoveis.com probably won't come until sometime after July 12, 2012, when Internet Service Providers (ISPs) team up with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Recording Industry Association Of America (RIAA) to monitor the Internet activity of Internet users to be sure that they aren't illegally downloading or uploading copyrighted material. An unintended consequence of this initiative is that this new monitoring capability will make it possible for ISPs for the first time to monitor with enough detail Internet use in such a way that will make it possible to enforce terms of use on individual web sites that prohibit the commercial use of information contained on those web sites. This could radically change the landscape of the use of the Internet as a source of information for journalists. Up until now, when the specific terms of use are not enforced, the default enforcement criteria has been “fair use”, which allows brief quotations of material and unlimited use of information (that is paraphrased) from specific web sites. If such use is disallowed, this could mean the end of the Internet as a significant medium of EXCHANGE of information amongst users as opposed to its use as a BROADCAST medium by the big boys and girls who want to control the Internet. Plus, a new bill called CISPA would allow such info to be transmitted to the govt, under the guise of protecting cyber security.

Peacemovies.com counters these moves against the people by promoting the viewing of relatively nonviolent movies in an effort to change the frame of the debate such that nonviolence becomes the default for the frame, instead of the “if it bleeds it leads” focus of the current mainstream media. Movies are ranked according to how much (or little) violence is in each movie, with movies that are ranked as Little to No Violence, Nonviolent and Iffy being reviewed, but movies that rank as Too Violent are listed but not reviewed.


We live in tumultuous times. First Obama signed ACTA back in October 2011 that would usher in a new era of repression for the Internet. Then Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on December 31, 2011, authorizing the indefinite detention of US citizens without charge or trial if they are deemed to be terrorism suspects. Next up is a bill that would strip US citizenship from people who are detained as terrorism suspects and a bill that will outlaw protesting of any kind inside the security perimeter of a venue that is secured by the Secret Service. Plus Attorney General Eric Holder said regarding indefinite detention and extrajudicial executions, “Due process does not include judicial process.” and “The term 'assassination' only includes unlawful killings.” Where will all it end? All we can do is protest at every opportunity and work to raise a generation of folks who will consider freedom of expression and freedom from militarism as core principles to carry forward. To that end, Peacemovies.com seeks to use what is left of the free market to persuade the people who make movies to make more movies that are relatively nonviolent. On Peacemovies.com, movies are categorized into 4 classes: little to no violence, nonviolent, iffy and too violent. About 35%-50% of the movies currently in the theaters are relatively nonviolent. In the tables below, DVDs are rated and reviewed and then the movies currently in theaters are rated and reviewed. Thank you for your support.

Peacemovies.com also offers reviews of nonviolent movies on DVD.  To see reviews of the top 50 older movies on DVD, click here, or visit the page below to check out the latest non-violent movies and family movies on DVD and in theaters. The complete reviews of everything on newly released DVDs and in theaters from Little Or No Violence up to Iffy are available by clicking the links in the tables below.  Concerned about your privacy while surfing Peacemovies.com?  Not to worry, your information is safe with Peacemovies.com.  Check out the privacy policy here.

New!  The Peacemovies.com homepage has been reorganized to reflect the priorities of the majority of viewers.  Since a survey shows that 80% of you watch DVDs (and 90% of DVD viewers watch new releases), but only 45% of you watch movies in theaters, a brand new list has been created showing new releases to DVD in the past 60-90 days towards the top of the homepage, followed by the regular list of movies currently in theaters. At the very bottom of the homepage are links to archived versions of the homepage, showing past lists of movies in theaters and past lists of movies on DVD.  The entire site is also searchable using the Google search box in the upper left hand corner of the homepage.  Thank you.

John Thielking is a peace and environmental activist who lived in Santa Cruz, CA from 1984-2005 and who currently lives in San Jose, CA. You can e-mail John at pagesincolor@yahoo.com.

Violence Ratings And Reviews Of New Release DVDs (released from March 6, 2012 to May 29, 2012)  General release dates are in (parentheses). Release dates for Netflix DVDs by mail are in [brackets].
Little or no Violence  (2 or less violent scenes, or just a few off screen violent stories and few deaths if any.)
The Vow PG-13 Drama/Romance (5-8-12) [5-8-12]

Like Crazy PG-13 Romance (3-6-12) [3-6-12]

Non-Violent (10 or less violent scenes per 90 minutes, with few if any dead bodies.)
The Secret World Of Arrietty G Animation/Fantasy (5-22-12) [5-22-12]

Albert Nobbs R Drama (5-15-12) [5-15-12]

W.E. R Drama (Caution: Though this movie has few violent scenes, some of them are bloody.)  (5-1-12) [5-1-12]

New Year's Eve PG-13 Drama/Comedy (5-1-12) [5-1-12]

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey PG Documentary  (4-3-12)

Carnage NR Comedy/Drama (3-20-12) [3-20-12]

Melancholia R Sci-Fi Fantasy (3-13-12) [3-13-12]

My Week With Marilyn R Drama (3-13-12) [3-13-12]

Young Adult R Drama (3-13-12) [3-13-12]

The Descendants R Drama/Comedy (3-13-12)

Iffy (11-20 scenes of mild violence)
We Bought A Zoo PG Drama (4-3-12) [5-1-12]

A Dangerous Method R Drama (3-27-12) [3-27-12]

Jack And Jill PG Comedy (3-6-12) [3-6-12]

Senna PG-13 Documentary (3-6-12) [3-6-12]
Too Violent (way more than 10 violent scenes and/or many dead bodies and/or an orgy of violence at any point)
Goon R Drama (5-29-12) [5-29-12]

96 Minutes Drama (5-29-12) [5-29-12]

Coriolanus Drama (5-29-12)

We Need To Talk About Kevin R Drama (5-29-12) [5-29-12]

Gone PG-13 Thriller (5-29-12) [5-29-12]

Man On A Ledge PG-13 Thriller/Drama (5-29-12) [5-29-12]

This Means War PG-13 Comedy/Action (5-22-12)

The Woman In Black PG-13 Horror (5-22-12) [5-22-12]

Kinyarwanda R Drama (5-15-12) [5-15-12]

Rampart R Thriller (5-15-12) [5-15-12]

One For The Money PG-13 Drama (5-15-12) [5-15-12]

The Grey R Action/Adventure (5-15-12)

The Devil Inside R Horror (5-15-12) [5-15-12]

Chronicle PG-13 Adventure/Fantasy (5-15-12)

The Front Line R War (5-8-12) [5-8-12]

Humans Vs. Zombies NR Horror (5-8-12)

Playback R Horror (5-8-12) [5-8-12]

Underworld: Awakening R Horror (5-8-12) [5-8-12]

Haywire R Action (5-1-12) [5-1-12]

Young Goethe In Love NR Romance (4-24-12)

Let The Bullets Fly Drama (4-24-12)

The Innkeepers R Horror (4-24-12)

Shame NC-17 Drama (4-17-12)

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol PG-13 Action/Adventure (4-17-12) [4-17-12]

The Veteran R Drama (4-10-12)

Into The Abyss PG-13 Documentary (4-10-12) [4-10-12]

The Darkest Hour PG-13 Sci-Fi (4-10-12)  [4-10-12]

The Iron Lady PG-13 Drama (4-10-12) [4-10-12]

Tyrannosaur NR Drama  (4-3-12) [4-3-12]

War Horse PG-13 Drama (4-3-12) [4-3-12]

Air Collision Drama (3-27-12)

In The Land Of Blood And Honey R Romance/War (3-27-12) [3-27-12]

Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close PG-13 (3-27-12)

Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked G Animation (3-27-12)

Creature R Drama (3-20-12)

Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy R Drama (3-20-12) [4-17-12]

The Sitter PG-13 Comedy (3-20-12) [4-17-12]

The Muppets PG Animation (3-20-12) [3-20-12]

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo R Drama (3-20-12) [3-20-12]

The Adventures Of TinTin PG Adventure (3-13-12) [3-13-12]

Happy Feet Two With I Tawt I Taw A Puty Tat PG Animation (3-13-12)

The Three Musketeers PG-13 Adventure (3-13-12) [3-13-12]

Bag Of Bones R Drama/Horror (3-13-12) [current]

Abstentia R Drama (3-13-12)

Immortals R Action/Adventure (3-6-12) [4-3-12]

Footloose PG-13 Musical (3-6-12) [3-6-12]

The Skin I Live In R Horror (3-6-12) [3-6-12]

Mercenaries R Drama (3-6-12) [3-6-12]

Not yet reviewed

Violence Ratings And Reviews of Movies Currently In Theaters from 5/4/12 to 6/2/12: (Click on links to see reviews.)
Little or no Violence  (2 or less violent scenes, or just a few off screen violent stories and few deaths if any.)
I Wish PG Comedy/Drama

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview NR Documentary

Otter 501 NR Documentary

Blue Like Jazz PG-13 Drama

First Position NR Documentary

Girl In Progress
PG-13 Comedy/Drama

Sound Of My Voice R Drama

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel PG-13 Romantic Comedy

Roving Mars NR Documentary

Hubble G Documentary

To The Arctic G Documentary

Think Like A Man
PG-13 Romantic Comedy

Jiro Dreams of Sushi PG Documentary

Friends With Kids R Romantic Comedy

Non-Violent (10 or less violent scenes per 90 minutes, with few if any dead bodies.)
Hardflip NR Drama/Action

Hysteria R Comedy

What To Expect When You're Expecting PG-13 Comedy

Bernie PG-13 Comedy

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds PG-13 Drama/Romance

Darling Companion PG-13 Drama

The Five Year Engagement R Romantic Comedy

Monsieur Lazhar PG-13 Drama

Marley NR Documentary

G Documentary

Damsels In Distress PG-13 Comedy

American Reunion R Comedy

Tornado Alley NR Documentary

Jeff Who Lives At Home R Comedy/Drama

A Thousand Words PG-13 Comedy

The Secret World Of Arrietty G Animation/Fantasy

A Separation PG-13 Drama

Iffy (11-20 scenes of mild violence)
Where Do We Go Now? PG-13 Drama

Bully PG-13 Documentary

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen PG-13 Romantic Comedy/Drama

Comedy Sportz  NR  Live Improv Comedy

Too Violent (way more than 10 violent scenes and/or many dead bodies and/or an orgy of violence at any point)
Crooked Arrows PG-13 Drama

Thrill Ride: The Science Of Fun G Documentary

Rowdy Rathore NR Comedy/Action

Piranha 3DD R Horror

Snow White And The Huntsman PG-13 Drama (Snow White joins a gang and is packing heat this summer.)

For Greater Glory R Drama

Polisse NR Drama

Men In Black 3 PG-13 Comedy/Sci Fi

Arjun: The Warrior Prince NR Adventure/Animated

Chernobyl Diaries R Horror

Headhunters R Drama

The Dictator R Comedy

The Road R Horror

Battleship PG-13 Sci-Fi

Grand Master NR Thriller

Dark Shadows PG-13 Comedy/Horror

Marvel's The Avengers PG-13 Sci-Fi/Action

Jannat 2 R Romance/Thriller

Coriolanus R Drama/War

The Lucky One PG-13 Drama/Romance

The Hunter R Drama

Safe R Thriller/Action

Warriors Of The Rainbow: Seediq Bale NR Drama

The Raven R Thriller

The Pirates! Band Of Misfits PG Adventure/Animated

Tezz NR Drama

The Three Stooges PG Comedy

The Cabin In The Woods R Horror

Titanic 3D Drama

Mirror Mirror PG Comedy/Action/Adventure

Wrath Of The Titans PG-13 Action/Adventure

The Raid: Redemption R Action

The Hunger Games PG-13 Action/Family

Casa De Mi Padre R Comedy

21 Jump Street R Comedy

John Carter PG-13 Action/Adventure

Dr Suess' The Lorax PG Animated (traditional chase scene climax, plus 26 other violent scenes, though it has an excellent message for budding environmentalists.)

Act Of Valor R Action

Safe House R Thriller

Journey 2 Mysterious Island PG Adventure

Chronicle PG-13  Adventure/Fantasy

Housefull 2 NR Action/Romantic Comedy

Not yet reviewed

Note that Peacemovies.com reviews movies only for their violence content.  For a more detailed analysis of other issues in movies (especially for gauging age-appropriateness for kids) please visit http://www.commonsensemedia.org .

Archives of past non-violent movie and family movie reviews:   7-4-10    8-4-10
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