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What Is Peacemovies.com?
by John Thielking

Stop the presses!  The publication of the Peacemovies.com newsletter for July 2012 is on hold until after the vote on ACTA (the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement). ACTA is coming up for a vote in the EU Parliament on Wednesday, July 4th, 2012.  Please sign the petition at https://www.accessnow.org/page/s/itu to send a message that the EU Parliament should vote no on ACTA.

Note that Peacemovies.com was offline on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 as part of the General Strike in honor of May Day. Thank you for your support. To see the strike page, go here. 

To see a brand new page, detailing how you can legally watch and hear streaming content over the web (for free) that is often of much better quality and originality than the typical Hollywood production, and is most often completely nonviolent, click here to see the Off-Hollywood Page.

To see the original intro, click here.   To see last month's intro, click here.

Please support the Santa Cruz 11.  These are 11 activists and journalists who were innocent bystanders at a bank building takeover in November 2011 in Santa Cruz, CA, but who are now being charged with felony vandalism, felony conspiracy to commit vandalism and misdemeanor trespass.  See the suggested actions to take to support the Santa Cruz 11 by clicking here.

Pop Quiz Question:  When you watch a movie, do you prefer to watch a violent movie, a nonviolent movie or you don't care
From the June 2012 Newsletter available for the first time at a newsrack in downtown San Jose, CA, USA in front of Camera 3 at 2nd St and San Carlos:

by John Thielking
June 2012
Vol. 1  No. 6

      Corrections to last months issue: I am not going to file a RICO lawsuit against the MPAA, RIAA and Internet Service Providers because according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation articles (search their site for “graduated response”) there are not going to be any deep packet inspections of people's home Internet connections done by ISPs in  attempts to find copyright infringers.  Also according to the EFF and RT.com , ACTA (the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) is not quite dead yet. It is tied up in committees in the EU Parliament and although it has three negative committee recommendations attached to it, this is not the last word on the subject in the EU Parliament. Stay tuned for more details.
      This is the first issue of Peacemovies.com that is distributed in a newsrack. So let me give you a synopsis of the reasons why Peacemovies.com exists and what its purpose is.
      Currently, the US is involved in many undeclared wars  around the world. This war fighting has been getting easier to do since the introduction of drone warfare. Drones make it possible to engage the enemy without ever setting boots on the ground or sending actual persons into a foreign country's airspace. It is a misguided myth that drones kill enemy combatants without ever harming civilians. The human involvement with war fighting is potentially much reduced with drones, particularly with the possibility of developing autonomous drones that are programmed to carry out missions with little if any human input. This is Skynet from the movie Terminator come to life in the real world.  For more information on this check out the book Drone Warfare: Killing By Remote Control by Medea Benjamin. 
       The user interface for controlling drones currently resembles the joy stick and computer screen of a playstation video game. The political popularity of drone warfare is also similar to that of video games, with 75-85% of the public supporting the concept of drone warfare, particularly in regards to using drones to take out terrorist suspects.  Most disappointing was a former Human Rights Watch board member named Maureen White who seems to think drone warfare is just fine. The main problem according to her seems to be marketing.  From page 146 of Drone Warfare by Medea Benjamin, Maureen White said:

         “We have failed to control the debate,” she said. “The
          Taliban have a home-grown movement in the tribal areas
          of Pakistan that is vicious. They are terrorizing civilians
          and creating thousands of refugees. Taking out the leaders
          with drones is critical.  It's a pinpointed, targeted, precise
          and successful mechanism. From a military standpoint,
          drones are a dream come true.”

With regards to the crisis in Syria, the San Jose Mercury News had an article on Syria.  From page A-11 of the Thursday May 31, 2012 issue:           
       “You may come to the point where you have Srebrenica
       syndrome,” said Edward Djerejian, a former ambassador
       to Syria, referring to the  slaughter of 8,000 Bosnian Muslims
       that galvanized more aggressive international action in 1995. 
       “Once a humanitarian disaster looms so large, the
       international community becomes forced to act despite the
       national security considerations and the more levelheaded
       thinking on the consequences of military action.” The White
       House has made clear that, however horrific, the killings in
       Houla last week, and another massacre discovered
       Wednesday, do not rise to that level.

     It is this type of video game mentality about warfare that Peacemovies.com attempts to combat by telling people about the relatively nonviolent movies that are available in theaters and on DVD. According to the marketing survey that was done when I started this project back in 2009, ½ of the people specifically want to watch a nonviolent movie, the other ½ don't care one way or the other and less than 10% specifically want to watch a violent movie or list a violent theme, such as horror movies, as their favorite.  By increasing the market share of nonviolent movies I hope to send a message that violence, of the video game and movie variety at least, is not as popular as some might think.
     The Peacemovies.com newsletter comes out once per month, while the Peacemovies.com web site is updated at least once per week. I decided to charge $1 per copy for the newsletter rather than distribute it for free because this way I can potentially have a larger circulation with no fussy advertisers to please and the project will also consume about 1/4 to 1/2 the amount of paper per copy that an ad supported newsletter would need to use to generate enough income to support myself.
     Medea Benjamin will be visiting San Jose to talk about her book Drone Warfare: Killing By Remote Control on Monday, June 25, 2012 from 7PM-9PM at St. Paul's Methodist Church, 405 S 10th St, San Jose, CA (corner of 10th and San Salvador).
     A side note is that in her book Medea Benjamin points out that drones are very unreliable.  In addition to having cameras that broadcast blurry images that make it hard to identify the people targeted, the drones have a high probability of crashing.  This should make everyone uncomfortable with the prospect of the FAA being forced to allow drones to fly in US domestic airspace by 2015.
     Below you will find movies released to DVD and in theaters categorized into 4 categories: Little or No Violence, Nonviolent, Iffy and Too Violent.  The movies in the first three categories are given reviews later on in the newsletter, while the movies that are Too Violent are listed but not reviewed. While the reviews for movies in theaters only cover the movies currently in theaters as of the date of publication, an additional list of movies due to be released to theaters that are too violent are listed for the entire month of June, 2012.  The DVD's of nonviolent movies released for the entire month of June 2012 are also reviewed.


We live in tumultuous times. First Obama signed ACTA back in October 2011 that would usher in a new era of repression for the Internet. Then Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on December 31, 2011, authorizing the indefinite detention of US citizens without charge or trial if they are deemed to be terrorism suspects. Next up is a bill that would strip US citizenship from people who are detained as terrorism suspects and a bill that will outlaw protesting of any kind inside the security perimeter of a venue that is secured by the Secret Service. Plus Attorney General Eric Holder said regarding indefinite detention and extrajudicial executions, “Due process does not include judicial process.” and “The term 'assassination' only includes unlawful killings.” Where will all it end? All we can do is protest at every opportunity and work to raise a generation of folks who will consider freedom of expression and freedom from militarism as core principles to carry forward. To that end, Peacemovies.com seeks to use what is left of the free market to persuade the people who make movies to make more movies that are relatively nonviolent. On Peacemovies.com, movies are categorized into 4 classes: little to no violence, nonviolent, iffy and too violent. About 35%-50% of the movies currently in the theaters are relatively nonviolent. In the tables below, DVDs are rated and reviewed and then the movies currently in theaters are rated and reviewed. Thank you for your support.

Peacemovies.com also offers reviews of older nonviolent movies on DVD.  To see reviews of the top 50 older movies on DVD, click here, or visit the page below to check out the latest non-violent movies and family movies on DVD and in theaters. The complete reviews of everything on newly released DVDs and in theaters from Little Or No Violence up to Iffy are available by clicking the links in the tables below.  Concerned about your privacy while surfing Peacemovies.com?  Not to worry, your information is safe with Peacemovies.com.  Check out the privacy policy here.

New!  The Peacemovies.com homepage has been reorganized to reflect the priorities of the majority of viewers.  Since a survey shows that 80% of you watch DVDs (and 90% of DVD viewers watch new releases), but only 45% of you watch movies in theaters, a brand new list has been created showing new releases to DVD in the past 60-90 days towards the top of the homepage, followed by the regular list of movies currently in theaters. At the very bottom of the homepage are links to archived versions of the homepage, showing past lists of movies in theaters and past lists of movies on DVD.  The entire site is also searchable using the Google search box in the upper left hand corner of the homepage.  Thank you.

New! Instances where movies feature people smoking are now included in the reviews of some of the nonviolent movies that are reviewed. (Movie reviews after 5-14-12 include this information.)  It has been documented that kids smoke more often if they first watch movies that feature smoking.

John Thielking is a peace and environmental activist who lived in Santa Cruz, CA from 1984-2005 and who currently lives in San Jose, CA. You can e-mail John at pagesincolor@yahoo.com.



Violence Ratings And Reviews Of New Release DVDs (released from March 6, 2012 to June 26, 2012)  General release dates are in (parentheses). Release dates for Netflix DVDs by mail are in [brackets].
Little or no Violence  (2 or less violent scenes, or just a few off screen violent stories and few deaths if any.)
The Vow PG-13 Drama/Romance (5-8-12) [5-8-12]

Like Crazy PG-13 Romance (3-6-12) [3-6-12]

Non-Violent (10 or less violent scenes per 90 minutes, with few if any dead bodies.)
A Thousand Words PG-13 Comedy (6-26-12) [6-26-12]

Jeff Who Lives At Home R Comedy/Drama (6-19-12) [6-19-12]

Big Miracle PG Drama/Adventure (6-19-12)

Thin Ice R Dark Comedy/Drama (6-12-12)

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds PG-13 Drama/Romance (6-12-12) [6-12-12]

The Secret World Of Arrietty G Animation/Fantasy (5-22-12) [5-22-12]

Albert Nobbs R Drama (5-15-12) [5-15-12]

W.E. R Drama (Caution: Though this movie has few violent scenes, some of them are bloody.)  (5-1-12) [5-1-12]

New Year's Eve PG-13 Drama/Comedy (5-1-12) [5-1-12]

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey PG Documentary  (4-3-12)

Carnage NR Comedy/Drama (3-20-12) [3-20-12]

Melancholia R Sci-Fi Fantasy (3-13-12) [3-13-12]

My Week With Marilyn R Drama (3-13-12) [3-13-12]

Young Adult R Drama (3-13-12) [3-13-12]

The Descendants R Drama/Comedy (3-13-12)

Iffy (11-20 scenes of mild violence)
We Bought A Zoo PG Drama (4-3-12) [5-1-12]

A Dangerous Method R Drama (3-27-12) [3-27-12]

Jack And Jill PG Comedy (3-6-12) [3-6-12]

Senna PG-13 Documentary (3-6-12) [3-6-12]
Too Violent (way more than 10 violent scenes and/or many dead bodies and/or an orgy of violence at any point)
Project X R Comedy/Drama (6-19-12)

Wanderlust R Comedy (6-19-12)

Seeking Justice R Drama (6-19-12) [6-19-12]

The FP R Drama (6-19-12) [6-19-12]

Cat Run R Drama (6-19-12)

The Legend Of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy Drama (6-19-12) [6-19-12]

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows R Drama (6-12-12)

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance PG-13 Horror (6-12-12) [6-13-12]

In Darkness R Drama (6-12-12) [6-12-12]

Kill Speed R Drama (6-12-12)

Monster Brawl NR Horror (6-12-12)

Safe House R Thriller (6-5-12)

Journey 2: Mysterious Island PG Adventure (6-5-12)

John Carter PG-13 Action/Adventure (6-5-12) [6-5-12]

Act Of Valor R Action (6-5-12)

Machine Gun Preacher R Drama (6-5-12)

Bad Ass R Drama (6-5-12) [6-5-12]

Goon R Drama (5-29-12) [5-29-12]

96 Minutes Drama (5-29-12) [5-29-12]

Coriolanus Drama (5-29-12)

We Need To Talk About Kevin R Drama (5-29-12) [5-29-12]

Gone PG-13 Thriller (5-29-12) [5-29-12]

Man On A Ledge PG-13 Thriller/Drama (5-29-12) [5-29-12]

This Means War PG-13 Comedy/Action (5-22-12)

The Woman In Black PG-13 Horror (5-22-12) [5-22-12]

Kinyarwanda R Drama (5-15-12) [5-15-12]

Rampart R Thriller (5-15-12) [5-15-12]

One For The Money PG-13 Drama (5-15-12) [5-15-12]

The Grey R Action/Adventure (5-15-12)

The Devil Inside R Horror (5-15-12) [5-15-12]

Chronicle PG-13 Adventure/Fantasy (5-15-12)

The Front Line R War (5-8-12) [5-8-12]

Humans Vs. Zombies NR Horror (5-8-12)

Playback R Horror (5-8-12) [5-8-12]

Underworld: Awakening R Horror (5-8-12) [5-8-12]

Haywire R Action (5-1-12) [5-1-12]

Young Goethe In Love NR Romance (4-24-12)

Let The Bullets Fly Drama (4-24-12)

The Innkeepers R Horror (4-24-12)

Shame NC-17 Drama (4-17-12)

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol PG-13 Action/Adventure (4-17-12) [4-17-12]

The Veteran R Drama (4-10-12)

Into The Abyss PG-13 Documentary (4-10-12) [4-10-12]

The Darkest Hour PG-13 Sci-Fi (4-10-12)  [4-10-12]

The Iron Lady PG-13 Drama (4-10-12) [4-10-12]

Tyrannosaur NR Drama  (4-3-12) [4-3-12]

War Horse PG-13 Drama (4-3-12) [4-3-12]

Air Collision Drama (3-27-12)

In The Land Of Blood And Honey R Romance/War (3-27-12) [3-27-12]

Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close PG-13 (3-27-12)

Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked G Animation (3-27-12)

Creature R Drama (3-20-12)

Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy R Drama (3-20-12) [4-17-12]

The Sitter PG-13 Comedy (3-20-12) [4-17-12]

The Muppets PG Animation (3-20-12) [3-20-12]

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo R Drama (3-20-12) [3-20-12]

The Adventures Of TinTin PG Adventure (3-13-12) [3-13-12]

Happy Feet Two With I Tawt I Taw A Puty Tat PG Animation (3-13-12)

The Three Musketeers PG-13 Adventure (3-13-12) [3-13-12]

Bag Of Bones R Drama/Horror (3-13-12) [current]

Abstentia R Drama (3-13-12)

Immortals R Action/Adventure (3-6-12) [4-3-12]

Footloose PG-13 Musical (3-6-12) [3-6-12]

The Skin I Live In R Horror (3-6-12) [3-6-12]

Mercenaries R Drama (3-6-12) [3-6-12]

Not yet reviewed

Violence Ratings And Reviews of Movies Currently In Theaters from 6/1/12 to 7/1/12: (Click on links to see reviews.) 

Footnotes: * = there is smoking in this movie. 
# = there is no smoking in this movie.
Little or no Violence  (2 or less violent scenes, or just a few off screen violent stories and few deaths if any.)
Turn Me On Dammit!  NR Romantic Comedy*

Your Sister's Sister R Romantic Comedy #

Goodbye First Love
(Un Amour de Jeunesse) NR Romance*

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi PG Documentary

Girl In Progress PG-13 Comedy/Drama*

I Wish PG Comedy/Drama*

Otter 501 NR Documentary #

First Position NR Documentary*

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel PG-13 Romantic Comedy #

Roving Mars NR Documentary #

Hubble G Documentary #

To The Arctic G Documentary #

Think Like A Man
PG-13 Romantic Comedy

Non-Violent (10 or less violent scenes per 90 minutes, with few if any dead bodies.)
To Rome With Love R Romantic Comedy #

Safety Not Guaranteed R Comedy*

Rock Of Ages PG-13 Musical*

The Five Year Engagement R Romantic Comedy

Damsels In Distress PG-13 Comedy

Peace, Love and Misunderstanding R Romantic Comedy*

Bel Ami R Romantic Comedy*

Hardflip NR Drama/Action #

Hysteria R Comedy #

What To Expect When You're Expecting PG-13 Comedy #

Bernie PG-13 Comedy #

Darling Companion PG-13 Drama #

Chimpanzee G Documentary

American Reunion R Comedy

Tornado Alley NR Documentary

The Secret World Of Arrietty G Animation/Fantasy

Iffy (11-20 scenes of mild violence)
The Invisible War NR Documentary #

Moonrise Kingdom PG-13 Drama/Romance*

Where Do We Go Now? PG-13 Drama #

Bully PG-13 Documentary

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen PG-13 Romantic Comedy/Drama

Comedy Sportz  NR  Live Improv Comedy  #

Too Violent (way more than 10 violent scenes and/or many dead bodies and/or an orgy of violence at any point)
People Like Us PG-13 *  (One brawl disqualifies this movie.)

Magic Mike R Comedy/Drama # (One brawl disqualifies this movie.)

Madea's Witness Protection PG-13 Comedy #  (One car chase disqualifies this movie.)

Ted R Comedy*

5 Broken Cameras NR Documentary

Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World R Romantic Comedy*

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter R Horror/Thriller

Brave PG Comedy/Animated

Cool Hand Luke PG Drama

Ferrari Ki Sawaari NR Drama

Elena NR Drama* (One fight scene disqualifies this movie.)

That's My Boy R Comedy #

Shanghai NR Thriller

Headhunters R Thriller #

A Cat In Paris PG Animation

Prometheus R Horror/Sci-Fi

Double Trouble NR Comedy/Action

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted PG Comedy/Animated

Crooked Arrows PG-13 Drama

Thrill Ride: The Science Of Fun G Documentary  #

Rowdy Rathore NR Comedy/Action

Piranha 3DD R Horror

Snow White And The Huntsman PG-13 Drama (Snow White joins a gang and is packing heat this summer.)

For Greater Glory R Drama

Polisse NR Drama*

Men In Black 3 PG-13 Comedy/Sci Fi  #

Chernobyl Diaries R Horror

The Dictator R Comedy

Battleship PG-13 Sci-Fi

Dark Shadows PG-13 Comedy/Horror

Marvel's The Avengers PG-13 Sci-Fi/Action

The Lucky One PG-13 Drama/Romance

Safe R Thriller/Action

The Pirates! Band Of Misfits PG Adventure/Animated

The Three Stooges PG Comedy

The Cabin In The Woods R Horror

Titanic 3D Drama

Mirror Mirror PG Comedy/Action/Adventure

The Hunger Games PG-13 Action/Family

21 Jump Street R Comedy

John Carter PG-13 Action/Adventure

Dr Suess' The Lorax PG Animated (traditional chase scene climax, plus 26 other violent scenes, though it has an excellent message for budding environmentalists.)

Not yet reviewed

Note that Peacemovies.com reviews movies only for their violence content.  For a more detailed analysis of other issues in movies (especially for gauging age-appropriateness for kids) please visit http://www.commonsensemedia.org .

Archives of past non-violent movie and family movie reviews:   7-4-10    8-4-10
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