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Are you sick and tired of the constant genocide of the aliens and the blowing up of everything at the end of your otherwise favorite movie?
Do you think the movie universe should be filled with loving beings like ET and the Monolith creators in 2010? Strike Back!  Check out the first edition of the Peacemovies.com web site by clicking here.

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Happy Christmas From John and Yoko
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See how Mumia Abu-Jamal Is Innocent

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Sorry Folks, but the Pagesincolor Fair Trade Store  in downtown San Jose is closed.  No last minute deals to save it this time.
Soon, there will be a revamped online store to visit that will feature the same stuff as available  on  http://www.ufwstore.com, plus other fair trade stuff.   Check back soon.

Stories Of The Week
Do You Have MCS and/or Limited Mobility and Need Help In Your Daily Activities?  A New Service Is Now Available To Help You.
updated 1-31-09

Fellow stop-the-spray activist John Thielking who lives in San Jose has decided to go through the processes necessary to be able to help MCS people and other disabled or limited mobility people in their homes. John is looking to formally join the In Home Support Services (IHSS)  program for Santa Clara County, but in the meantime, and in addition to that source of employment, is considering taking on other clients outside of the IHSS program. Being a male, John is not at this time considering doing personal care for women, but he is open to doing most other domestic tasks. 

John now has a reliable car. John's car is a 1991 Geo Metro, that hopefully no longer has the new carpet smell, etc.  John is going through the process of detoxification of all of his clothing, bedding, and washing activities, so that hopefully MCS people will be able to tolerate being around John while he is helping them in their homes. All washing of the clothes that John wears while helping MCS clients is done by hand using Dr. Bronner's unscented baby soap. All other clothing and bedding is washed in a laundromat using Dr Bronner's unscented baby soap. John's hand washed clothes are washed in a plastic container and line dried so as not to share the common Laundromat equipment that contains traces of perfumed soaps and fabric softeners. John does share his apartment with other people who use scented products, but at least one MCS person has said that she is not affected by people who fully detox but also share living accommodations with people who have not detoxed.  This same MCS client has now been helped by John for the last 4 months with no significant toxic smells reported by the client.

If you are/have MCS (or are willing to follow MCS cleaning/washing procedures) and would like help with domestic chores such as cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping, going to appointments, etc, then please call John Thielking at 408-914-2751 or send an e-mail to pagesincolor@aol.com . John prefers to work in Santa Clara County, but will consider other areas too if the price is right. Live ins also considered. The standard hourly rate for Santa Clara County IHSS is about $12.35  per hour. John requests a 2 hour minimum per shift. Thank you so much, and let us hope we can stop the spray (and the whole LBAM eradication program).   References are available upon request, including people who can testify to John's past experience with helping his elderly friend Evelyn in Santa Cruz a few years ago. John's former retail store and current web site Pagesincolor.com was an accredited business with the BBB in 2007, but is not listed this year only because he can't afford the $395 listing fee.

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