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Review for In The Family NR Drama 2:49
by  John Thielking

In The Family chronicles what happens when one member of a gay couple (Joey, played by Patrick Wong, and Cody Hines, played by Trevor St. John) dies while in the process of raising a young boy named Chip Hines.  Almost immediately, the surviving partner, Joey, experiences discrimination because he is not a "family member" related by blood to Cody or Chip. The movie is kind of long and some parts could have been cut without losing much of the punch of the story. Will Joey regain at least visitation rights to see Chip or will he be forever banished by a restraining order taken out by Cody's sister?  Tune in and find out. Four stars.

This movie ranks as being nonviolent because it has only 8 violent scenes in it.  These include: there is a story of a man having a car accident, there is a kid playing a violent video game in the background, a man smashes a glass, a man punches another man on two occasions, there is a story of someone wanting to kill another person, there is an alarm clock that sounds like a phaser blast and there is a story of a kid having a violent record while in foster care.  There is no smoking in this movie.

There were no previews when this movie was shown at Camera 3 in downtown San Jose, CA, USA.

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