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Review for Katy Perry: Part Of Me PG Documentary 1:37
by  John Thielking

Katy Perry: Part Of Me chronicles the life of music superstar Katy Perry as she goes on a year long concert tour while trying to maintain her marriage to another pop singer. We see all the warts and ups and downs that come with the tour. Her childhood and the attitudes of her devoutly religious parents towards her homosexuality embracing performances are also explored. The movie features renditions of some of her top hits.  Three stars.

There is no violence in this movie.  There is no smoking in this movie, except for what looks like a preview for Grease at the beginning of the movie where there are some people smoking.

The previews include a violent preview for the too violent movie Here Comes The Boom, a violent preview for the too violent movie Fun Size, a somewhat violent preview for Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days and nonviolent previews for Pitch Perfect, The Oogeloves Big Balloon Adventure, Cirque De Solei 3D and what looks like a nonviolent preview for Grease featuring people smoking.

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