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Review for Life Happens R Comedy 1:40
by  John Thielking

Life happens chronicles the ups and downs in the lives of three female room mates.  One is a virgin by choice.  One is a writer.  And the one named Kim ( Krysten Ritter) got knocked up one night when two of the room mates could only find one condom between them when they had male company staying overnight. The movie jumps ahead one year to the time after the baby is born and we see Kim having her challenges with not being allowed to bring her baby to work by her boss at the dog walking business.  Kim has this ludicrous dream of opening a "doggie mall" where every store caters to dogs. Will the girls meet the loves of their lives even though there is a baby complicating the scene and turning straightforward dating into a farce?  Tune in and find out.  Three stars.

This movie has little or no violence in it.  There is one scene where there is a story about a murder on a TV news show.

The previews include: a nonviolent commercial, a somewhat violent preview for Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World and nonviolent previews for Girl In Progress, Tonight You're Mine and Lola Versus. 

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