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Review for Marley NR Documentary 2:24
by  John Thielking

Marley is a biography of the life of Bob Marley, focusing on the growth of his band The Wailers in Jamaica.  Bob Marley eventually grows into a worldwide phenomenon that was cut short by his death from cancer at the young age of 36.  The movie features some of the classic Bob Marley hits. 4 stars.

This movie ranks as nonviolent because it has only 8 violent scenes in it. There is a story of slaves being shipped, there is a story of artists threatening DJ's with a baseball bat, there are stories and pictures of riots, there is a story of political violence, there is a story of a shooting, there are pictures of gun violence and there are pictures of dogs attacking people.

The previews include: a nonviolent commercial, nonviolent previews for First Position and Elena and violent previews for The Hunter and Headhunters (too violent).

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