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Review for Moonrise Kingdom PG-13 Drama/Romance 1:34
by  John Thielking

Moonrise Kingdom shows us what happens when a Kakai Scout named Sam (Jared Gilman) and his girlfriend Suzy Bishop (Kara Hayward) run off together because Sam no longer wants to be part of the Scout troop because of his status as an orphan. Bruce Willis stars as the local constable named Captain Sharp while Bill Murray stars as Suzy's father Mr. Bishop.  Will the Scout troop save themselves before the storm arrives? (Note that this story is set in 1965, before the advent of satellite weather forecasting.)  Four stars.

This movie ranks as Iffy because it has a total of 15 mildly violent scenes in it. There is a story of smashing a mirror, there is a story of throwing a rock through a window and getting into a fight, there is a man with a black eye, there is an attack off screen, there is the aftermath of a fight, a boy is bleeding, there is a dead dog shot with an arrow, a girl has her ears pierced with fishing hooks, two boys get into a fight, a boy gets hit by lightning, there is a flash flood and a shed catches on fire, there is another lightning strike and there is a story of a storm flooding and destroying parts of the island.  There is some smoking in this movie.

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