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Review for 2016: Obama's America PG Documentary/Comedy/Fantasy 1:27
by  John Thielking

  I would like to say that there is one movie out there that is purported to be a documentary, but in reality is a pure flight of fantasy. This movie is 2016: Obama's America. The movie starts out sounding somewhat fair and balanced, with only the pro-war stance that the US is being hypocritical by bombing Libya but not invading or bombing Iran or Syria giving away it's ultimate bias. Towards the end, however, the movie veers into the twilight zone/fantasy land where it points out Obama's anti-imperialist past where he associated with the likes of Mr. Ayers and the Reverend J. Wright. The movie takes seriously the possibility that Obama will return to his radical roots in terms of the policies he will implement if he is re-selected. That in my view is about as likely as Mr Clinton actually giving Leonard Peltier clemency or deciding to inhale. Obama has clearly gone over to the Dark Side of targeted killing using drones and full support of the Capitalist gambling/bankers' class and is not likely to return. The only thing shocking about this movie is the premise that Obama returning to his radical, anti-imperialist roots would somehow be bad for the US or the world.  Three stars.

This movie ranks as being nonviolent because it has only 4 violent scenes in it.  These include some scenes of warfare, a story about a violent father who killed someone, and who had both his legs amputated and who beat his wife and there is a story of a father's death.  Also included are references to terrorist bombing plots committed by Mr. Ayers and others that the movie tries to link to Obama.  There was no smoking in this movie.

The previews include: nonviolent previews for Cirque Du Soleil, Chasing Mavericks and Trouble With The Curve and a somewhat violent preview for Zero Dark Thirty.

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