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The Off-Hollywood Page
by  John Thielking

Below is a partial list of Community Access Cable TV stations that offer free streaming of content either live or on demand or both over the web. The list below was made by sifting through the complete list of all community access tv stations in the US, located here:

SOPA-PROTECT IP-ICE-DOJ harassers note: All of the links on this page are to the best of my knowledge links to legitimate, licensed TV stations, radio stations or original authors' web sites that are authorized to stream this content for free.  If you have any issues about copyright infringement, please contact the station(s) or web site(s) in question.  I do not link to stations or web sites that use Youtube or Vimeo pages for their entire site as these types of pages are not secure against having infringing content posted to them if the owner(s) merely "likes" or comments on an infringing video somewhere else on Youtube or Vimeo. I will have my own Youtube channel soon, but that channel will feature ONLY content that I have recorded myself of myself talking about material that was obtained under fair use guidelines and with no background music or copyrighted images. So, don't pester me or threaten to take down my little web site. Thanks.

Here is a partial list of community access tv stations that offer free streaming and on demand content:

Live stream of Alaska Legislature in session. Live stream of various documentaries when Alaska legislature is not in session.  Archives of past meetings available.

Birmingham Alabama City Council meetings archived and available for on demand streaming over the web.

On demand streaming of Govt programming from Brewton, AL. For example: Brewton city employees reciting "Twas The Night Before Christmas"
No separation of Church and State here, but it was hilarious to watch!

Huntsville, AL city council meetings streamed live, plus local musicians' music streams along with a community bulliten board when meetings are not in session.

Montgomery Community Media On Demand educational programs streamed for free over the web.

University Of Central Arkansas Educational programming distributed via free live stream. Off air on holidays.

Arkansas State University-TV. Free live tv stream and on demand documentaries.

Free live streaming and videos On Demand from Prescott Community TV Prescott, AZ.

Tempe, AZ govt programming live streamed and archived.

Free live streaming of various educational videos from Arizona State University TV.


Tucson, AZ Public Access TV Station with free streaming of tv programs on 3 channels (requires downloading
of Quicktime).

Three channels available streaming live for free.  Ch 17 appears to have captioning, at least for Democracy Now! broadcast.

Free streaming of On Demand videos from The Monterey, CA Media Center For Art, Education and Technology

Free streaming of live programs.  On Demand viewing of past programs also available, from Nevada County, CA.
Try streaming the Dec 21, 2011 Mewzeek program under Music, at the bottom of this page: http://www.nevadacountytv.org/pages/node/82 for a unique experience.

Santa Cruz, CA: Santa Cruz County Community Television has three free live streams over the web, plus some archived shows.

Trinity County, CA Community Access Media. Free live stream available for users with Quicktime 6 and above.

Albany, CA Public Access TV station.  The KALB Live! stream featured a video of a woodburning fireplace (crackling wood, no music) on Dec 31, 2011.

Free live streaming of Berkeley, CA tv programming, with annoying, sometimes violent commercials on top of the feed. Fundraising movie night out is all about Horror movies, ugh!

Cupertino, CA Community Access TV station with three free streaming tv channels on the web. Look for the KMVT Web Channel tab on the right.

Mendocino Coast Television features free Video On Demand streaming of programs over the web.
Check out their on demand concert videos including: http://mendocoasttv.org/MCDHTransformationalConcert.html#featured.

Midpeninsula Community Media Center in Palo Alto, CA offers five free live streams of tv over the web. Ch 27 featured classical music concerts at the end
of December 2011.

There are many more Community Access TV stations that feature free live streaming and on demand videos over the web. For a complete list of all the community TV stations in the US, go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_public-access_TV_stations_in_the_United_States. For my list above, I just looked at the P and PEG stations in the Wikipedia list for Alaska through California. I'm sure that you will be plenty busy just keeping up with the relatively short list that I detailed here.
Note that many of these community access tv stations are experiencing funding shortages as various sources of funds are drying up. So if you find a series of programs on a particular station that you like, whip out your paypal account or charge card and give generously. Good luck and happy surfing!

PS:  These shows on Community TV were obviously much lower budget than the Hollywood productions listed on the rest of this site and they were even clunky and uncoordinated at times.  But I have to say that it seems that we lose something when there is an equalizer and a sound mixing board and a digital sound system and a film cutting room between you and the performers in a typical Hollywood movie. That screening and cutting process was clearly absent in my samplings of the community access programming that I saw and it was most refreshing, a nice change.

PPS: I will soon add to this page many more sources of free, authorized streaming content, including links to radio stations and original authors' content.  For now, feast your eyes and ears on this, the crown jewel of sitcom start ups called The Misadventures Of Awkward Black Girl.  Lett'er rip here.

Updated 1-2-12: For a list of alternative media and free streaming news sources click here.

Coming soon: Free MIT level College Education for all who want it:

1-8-12 update: There is a list of Hip-Hop radio stations that stream their programming over the web for free here.  Other types of radio stations will be listed soon.

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