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Review for Playing For Keeps PG-13 Romantic Comedy 1:45
by  John Thielking

Playing For Keeps chronicles a brief passage in the life of former star soccer player George Dryer (Gerard Butler) who is struggling financially while trying to reconcile with his ex-wife, Stacie (Jessica Biel).  He still likes to hang out with his son Lewis (Noah Lomax) and when his son's soccer team gives him the thumbs up when he helps out for a bit at practice one day, George suddenly finds that he has a job as head coach of the kids' soccer team. Other reviewers have panned this movie as somehow being unrealistic and that George doesn't deserve the breaks that he gets in this movie, but this reviewer thinks that the movie is fine and that George is getting what he deserves.  Four stars.

This movie ranks as being nonviolent because it has only six violent scenes in it.  These include: there are 2 stories of people dieing, there is a story of a boy getting hit in the nuts with a soccer ball, there is a brief scene where people are watching a violent slasher movie on TV, a kid pushes another kid in a soccer match and two men get into a brief fight.  There is no smoking in this movie.

The previews include two nonviolent commercials, a nonviolent preview for Promised Land and somewhat violent previews for Parental Guidance, The Guilt Trip and Safe Haven.

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