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Peacemovies.com and Pagesincolor.com Privacy Policy
by John Thielking

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal paints a disturbing picture of just how much data web sites are capable of using and accessing when they track visitors to a web site.  The article is here.

For the record, Peacemovies.com and Pagesincolor.com only use general analog statistics to track visitors. All I know about you when you visit the sites are what pages were viewed and the exact times and dates that the pages were viewed. I don't get any individual info such as the user's ip address. There are some statistics that show what web sites the visitors came from, such as facebook, or what search terms were used in google. All of these statistics are displayed in aggregate form in the administration portion of the web site and are accessable the following business day. Some web sites linked from Peacemovies.com or Pagesincolor.com that are not part of Peacmovies.com or Pagesincolor.com are framed so that clicks to those sites will show up in the statistics for Peacemovies.com and Pagesincolor.com. In those cases, when you click on the link for the new web site, the address bar will still show peacemovies.com or pagesincolor.com.

Fandango and Amazon.com affiliate programs:  Fandango (administered through commission junction: www.cj.com) and Amazon.com have their own privacy policies for their customers.  The part that relates directly to your use of Peacemovies.com and Pagesincolor.com is the following:  The Fandango banners have a tracking capability that allows the number of impressions to be tracked. That is, when a Fandango banner is displayed on your computer screen, that is an "impression" and is recorded by the cj.com software. This is done by having the image for the banner stored at cj.com and recording how many times the image is requested to be displayed.  The total number of impressions and clicks from the previous day are viewable by the Peacemovies.com site administrator along with statistics for any sales made through cj.com.  No individual statistics are viewable.  Amazon.com only tracks clicks and sales, not impressions. Here too, no individual statistics are viewable.  The dates, but not the exact times of any clicks or impressions or sales, are the only pieces of information available for viewing by the Peacemovies.com web site administrator. Amazon has a further breakdown that displays the types of links that were clicked, but here again no individual data is displayed, not even individual product links. Of course the total commissions for all sales are tallied and the conversion rates of clicks to sales are tracked on both Fandango and Amazon.com.

There is an out of date page on the peacemovies.com or pagesincolor.com site that asks you to enter your e-mail address to enter a t-shirt giveaway contest. Please ignore that request. 

It is my goal to build my business without using an e-mail list that every internet marketing guru since the beginning of time seems to think is a pot of gold.  Spam is still spam, even if it is being sent to a "customer". You are invited to follow peacemovies on Twitter or to become friends with John Thielking on Facebook.  The privacy policies of Twitter and Facebook apply if you choose to sign up for either of those options.  No direct messages will be sent on Facebook or Twitter to any followers other than the personal friends of John Thielking, except as a response to a direct message sent to peacemovies or John Thielking.  Regular tweets, mostly about movie reviews available on Peacemovies.com, and regular updates to the Facebook news feed about simillar subjects are the only items that you should see from me when you join Twitter or Facebook.  All of the peacemovies tweets since July 4, 2010 are viewable by visiting http://www.twitter.com/peacemovies.

There is an additional option to enter your personal information at the web site http://www.jointhesolution.com/pagesincolor.  The information entered at that web site will only be used to sell you on the idea of getting solar power installed on your home and will not be sold or transferred to a third party not involved with an actual solar panel installation on your home. If you enter your information at that site, you can expect follow up e-mails and phone calls to close the sale.

Thank you and I hope your visits to Peacemovies.com and Pagesincolor.com will be enjoyable ones.

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