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Review for The Queen Of Versailles PG Documentary 1:40
by  John Thielking

The Queen Of Versailles chronicles the lives of a happily married billionaire couple who are down on their financial luck after the financial crash of 2008. David and Jackie Siegel portray themselves in this documentary that shows what happened to the fortune of David Siegel after his time share condominium business went south when the banks would no longer give him access to cheap money to finance his operation. We see the rich kids trying in vain to cut back on spending as they drive themselves to the toy store where they still stock up on so many toys that they will barely fit into the SUV they are driving and so on it goes. Two stars.

This movie ranks as Little or No Violence because it has only 3 violent scenes in it. There is a dead pet lizard and a dead fish and there is a story of a snake eating puppies. There is no smoking in this movie.

The previews include a nonviolent commercial, a violent preview for Argo, a somewhat violent preview for The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and nonviolent previews for Atlas Shrugged Part 2, The Sessions and Searching For Sugar Man.

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