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Review for Ruby Sparks R Fantasy/Romance 1:44
by  John Thielking

Ruby Sparks is a fantasy about how a young, famous writer named Calvin Weir-Fields (Paul Dano) causes a character from his book to appear in real life.  The character is called Ruby Sparks (Zoe Kazan).  At first when Calvin is writing, some girly items start appearing out of nowhere, such as a pair of panties or a bra. When a room mate asks Calvin about these items, he claims that the dog must have stolen them from the next door neighbor. But a little while later, all of a sudden Ruby is there in the flesh and Calvin has a difficult time adjusting to her sudden appearance. At a couple of points in the movie Calvin resorts to caveman-like behavior, picking Ruby up like a sack of potatoes or writing some more stuff just to make her sing and dance for him.  Will Ruby be set free or will she remain a prisoner of Calvin's imagination? Tune in and find out. Three stars.

This movie ranks as Little Or No Violence because it has only 2 violent scenes in it. A woman throws a drink in a man's face and then fights with him and there is a violent slasher movie being shown on TV, complete with blood and guts. There was no smoking in this movie.

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