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The following post was placed in the comments section of an article on Commondreams.org before all of the comments were subsequently deleted from the article. To see the article, please visit the Facebook page Small Businesses Are People Too. Thanks.

John Thielking

This article claims that small businesses are often hurt by the court decisions that are made on behalf of large corporations that are exercising their constitutional rights. Does this mean that we should throw the baby out with the bath water and abolish all constitutional rights for artificial entities? See the comment section below
for my response (that was posted to the comments section of the article in question before all of the comments were deleted).

Comment posted 8-13-2013:
It may be true that corporations have used their new fangled "rights"  to trample on small businesses. But don't think for one moment that they won't rig the system in their favor once again if corporate personhood is done away with. That is actually what they are evolving towards anyway with the concept of "nexus of contracts", which is a form of incorporation that is essentially headless.  I am deathly afraid of the Section 1 of the MTA amendment as it stands. In it's latest edition it even takes away freedom of speech from corporations. How then is the little guy supposed to get his book published? He usually goes to a big bad publishing house (or at least a vanity print on demand publisher). If these entities no longer have 1st amendment protections, what is to prevent the govt from shutting down a particular book printing (probably at the behest of a big bad corporation?).  I have an alternative amendment proposal, one that adds responsibilities rather than taking away rights. The responsibilities scale with the size of the business, so that small businesses just starting out aren't saddled with too much gobblygook. I have started a discussion about this on my Facebook page called Small Businesses Are People Too.  I believe it was at one of the MTA meetings where it was stated that Gandhi stated that he would rather have responsibilities rather than rights as his first priority

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