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Review for Starlet NR Drama 1:47
by  John Thielking

Starlet chronicles what happens when a female porn star finds a stash of $10,000 in cash inside of a thermos that she bought at a yard sale.  Wanting to make things right, the woman befriends the old lady who sold her the thermos.  Will she ever tell the old lady exactly what happened or will the farce continue for the whole movie? Tune in and find out. Parents and others who are sensitive about seeing sex acts should be cautioned that this movie, although it is not rated, has sex scenes that would have given it an NC-17 or even an X rating if the MPAA had rated it. Three stars.

This movie ranks as being nonviolent because it has only 8 violent scenes in it.  These include: there are sounds of a violent video game in the background, there is a story of a girl ripping off her fingernail, there are people playing a violent video game, there is a story of a man breaking his leg, there is a story of s driver hitting two pedestrians, a woman gets violent and messes up an office, there is a violent video game in the background again and there is a shouting match between two women. There is some smoking in this movie.

There were no previews when this movie was shown at the Camera 3 in San Jose, CA, USA.

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