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Review for Take This Waltz R Drama/Romance 1:56
by  John Thielking

A young woman named Margot (Michelle Williams) meets a charming young man named Daniel (Luke Kirby) on her airplane ride home.  As luck would have it, Daniel lives right across the street from where Margot and her husband of 5 years, Lou (Seth Rogen), live. Lou is into cooking nothing but chicken, in preparation for writing his book "Tastes Like Chicken". Margot and Lou have a fantastically unremarkable 5th year anniversary dinner, where Lou says "What's the point in talking?  I'm just here for the food."  One thing leads to another and before we know it Margot and Daniel have set a date for 30 years in the future where they will meet and have a kiss, formally breaking Margot's fidelity to her husband. Will her marriage really last that long or will things come to a head sooner than expected? Tune in and find out. Three stars.

This movie ranks as nonviolent because it has only 7 violent scenes in it. There is a mock lashing of an adulterer, three separate times a couple make mocking threats to each other such as "I love you so much that I will gouge your eyes out.", a woman hits a man mockingly, there is a mild earthquake reported on TV and a woman gets arrested for child abandonment. There is some smoking in this movie.

The previews include a nonviolent commercial and nonviolent previews for The Magic Of Belle Isle, The Queen Of Versailles and Farewell My Queen.

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