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Review for The Campaign R Comedy 1:25
by  John Thielking

The Campaign shows what happens when an incumbent congressman named Cam Brady (Will Ferrell) commits a major sex-tape type blunder and the powers that be decide to run a bumbling and inexperienced tour director named Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis) against him in the election. Each candidate tries to outdo the other in their campaign commercials. At one point Cam even pays to have a pornographic commercial aired. Will either of these candidates actually win or will they both collapse in the piles of cow dung they are both dishing out?  Tune in and find out. Three stars.

This movie ranks as Iffy because it has a total of 11 violent scenes in only 85 minutes.  These include: gunfire, there is a slugger in a movie, a man slaps another man, a man punches a baby, a snake bites a man, a man jumps through a window, there is a brawl in a crowd, a man punches a dog, a man shoots another man in the leg and there is a story of a playground accident.  There is no smoking in this movie.

The previews include a violent preview for the too violent movie Hit and Run, a somewhat violent preview with smoking for Argo and nonviolent previews for For A Good Time Call, Playing For Keeps and Trouble With The Curve.

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