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Review for The Invisible War NR Documentary 1:33
by  John Thielking

The Invisible War is a documentary about how 1 in 3 women are raped in the military.  The movie relates the experiences of a few different women who are all telling much the same stories about how they were sexually abused in the Army, Air Force and Marines.  Even the most prestigious Marine base in Washington DC is not immune to this problem, apparently.  After Leon Panetta watched this movie, he ordered that commanders are no longer the people to report rape to in their units (since the movie documents so many cases of commanders ignoring complaints and/or retaliating against people who were complaining). The movie ends by recommending that people visit the web site www.notinvisible.org. Four stars.

This movie was given an iffy rating for violence even though it has way more than 20 violent scenes in it.  Most of these were women and men relating their stories about being raped. There were only 4 scenes of on screen violence, of people firing guns in war or at a 21 gun salute or showing a violent video game in the background. This movie has no smoking. 

The previews include three nonviolent commercials and nonviolent previews for Hyde Park On The Hudson, Beasts Of The Southern Wild and Won't Back Down.

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