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Review for The Sessions R Comedy 1:35
by  John Thielking

In The Sessions, John Hawkes stars as a quadriplegic man named Mark O'Brien who spends his nights and part of his days inside an Iron Lung.  Despite these difficulties, Mark manages to attend college and get a degree. He also works as a writer. One day he gets a writing assignment to do a story on disabled people and their sex lives.  Intrigued, Mark decides to investigate what would happen if he himself tried to have sex.  Rejected by his current caregiver (Annika Marks) for that off menu assignment, Mark turns to the services of a sex surrogate named Cheryl Cohen Green (Helen Hunt).  Will God give His blessings to this rigged sexual encounter? Tune in and find out. Four stars.

This movie has little or no violence in it because there are only 4 violent scenes in it. These include: there is a story about some accidents, there are two stories of a sister's death and there is a story of a man's death. There is some smoking in this movie.

The previews include: a nonviolent commercial, nonviolent previews for Hyde Park On Hudson, Anna Karenina, and Silver Linings Playbook and a somewhat violent preview for Movie 43.

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