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Review for Think Like A Man PG-13 Romantic Comedy 2:02
by  John Thielking

Think Like A Man is a farce that looks at the lives of 4 couples when the women involved are all reading the book "Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man" that is telling women how to get their men to behave and pony up a commitment.  Three stars.

This movie ranks as Little To No Violence because it has only three violent scenes in it.  These include: a scene where some cavemen kill a woolly mammoth, a sacrifice ritual and a story of a man getting hit with a brick.

The previews include: three nonviolent commercials, violent previews for Total Recall (too violent), Piranha 3DD (too violent) and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (too violent), a somewhat violent preview for Battlefield America and nonviolent previews for Sparkle, Witness Protection and To Rome With Love.

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