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Review for To The Arctic G Documentary 0:40
by  John Thielking

To The Arctic takes a brief snapshot of the lives of polar bears and caribou in the arctic.  The claim is that global warming is making the ice thinner and may even lead to ice free summers by 2050. It is claimed that thinner and further between ice floes are making it harder for the polar bears to hunt seals and earlier melting and higher river flows are making it harder for caribou to migrate, forcing newborn calves to walk long distances during the migration (the calves used to be born at the caribous' final destination, but the slower migration is causing them to be born 3 weeks walk away from their destination) and some of them don't make it. Narrated by Meryl Strep. Shown at the IMAX dome theater at the San Jose Tech Museum. Four stars.

This movie ranks as Little to No Violence because it has only three violent scenes in it.  These include: a story of male polar bears attacking polar bear cubs, footage of hunting and eating a seal and footage of a standoff with a male polar bear.

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