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Review for Your Sister's Sister R Romantic Comedy 1:30
by  John Thielking

A man named Jack (Mark Duplass) is given the opportunity to take a vacation at his best friend named Iris's (Emily Blunt) cabin in the woods. Little does Jack know, but Iris's sister Hannah (Rosemary Dewitt) is also staying at the same cabin.  One thing leads to another and soon not only did Jack and Hannah have sex, but Iris soon shows up too and they start talking about how to trick a man into getting one of them pregnant. Yikes! Three stars.

This movie ranks as little or no violence as it has only one violent scene where a man smashes a bike.  There was no smoking in this movie.

The previews include nonviolent previews for Hyde Park On Hudson (featuring smoking), Beasts Of The Southern Wild, To Rome With Love and Take This Waltz.

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